Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell

Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell

Posing as a man over 70, a lecturer (Clifton Webb) enters an old-folks home to prove age is a state of mind.

An urbane, sharp-tongued expert on how to stay young interrupts a lecturing tour to prove his theory at a dilapidated old people's home. To the despair of his agent and the alarm of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh M (gb) wrote: The Last Winter really has nothing going for it. The whole idea behind the madness is stupid. The anticipation leads to nothing and then it ends.

Dallas S (jp) wrote: This is the worst movie I think I've ever seen.

Greg W (it) wrote: a funny black comedy from whit stillman

Jake R (kr) wrote: Exterminate all rational thought.

Timothy S (ru) wrote: I actually purchased this movie in a hotel room. I was so bored that I decided, what the hell, might as well watch something that might be funny. It ended up being just the kind of stupid humor I love. Plenty of hilarious jokes and gut busting parts to the movie, I honestly couldn't stop laughing. I felt a six pack coming on, my ribs were aching, and tears came out of my eyes. This movie isn't the best, but it does it's job well, making you laugh. Also, Rock Me Sexy Jesus is one heck of a catchy tune!

Simona (gb) wrote: Oh, my... err .. no thanks.

Cline D (gb) wrote: Deux flics pourris buter, une junkie dfonce, des agents du FBI ravags...

antonia h (ru) wrote: good story, quite funny and feat sandra bullock so obviously it's gonna be good

Manuel C (ca) wrote: Belle images de montagne mais bon l'histoire est un peu prvisible et pas trs raliste

Jhon E (gb) wrote: [b]"I can't swim anymore, Rowf..."[/b] [b]"We must... be near the island..."[/b] [b]"If... there is... any island, Rowf..."[/b] [b]"There is. There. Can't you see it? Our island..."[/b] [b]The Plague Dogs[/b], easily one of the most bleakest films I have ever seen. This movie was released with little audience, making it a much-unappreciated film. The Plague Dogs is also a movie based upon a story by Richard Adams, who also wrote Watership Down. The Plague Dogs is an absolute heartbreak of a film. It follows talking animals, and has the rating for children to watch, but this is by far too depressing for the common child audience. It can be quite a contrast when one looks out the era of hand drawn animations compared to the modern method, and you can see there is a lack of emotion and adult themes. The Plague Dogs is clever and depressing without trying like many other films. As a note, I watched the uncut version. [b]The plot[/b], Rowf and Snitter are two of many dogs in captivity of a research company carrying out many ghastly experiments. One night one of the workers leaves Rowf's gate unlocked accidently, the two manage to escape their prison and gain freedom. The two then have to adjust to the wild, nearby a small town. As the two begin to starve, they begin to kill farmer's sheep, as the two continue to cause havoc out of survival, their previous captors and more attempt to catch the two, leading them to run for life. 'The Tod' a cunning fox who helps them survive, yet never fully gains Rowf's trust also joins the two in exchange for food. The Plague Dog's plot is a powerful one. It cleverly uses survival as a strong sentiment throughout the whole film, yet reasoning for the two to be in danger is the more clever. Many people (including me) are heavily affected by animal cruelty; this movie is a perfect template for any distress message of the treatment. Such examples would be how the men so easily deal with a dead dog, while through the dog's perspective we are shown what could be described as a humanised version. The dogs feel for each other and protect each other, while the men so bluntly fire the trigger at them for being pests. It's chilling how we are portrayed in almost all cases ruthless killers, rarely shown are the faces. [b]The acting[/b], well here is when the film becomes weak, but perhaps I am just biased. The copy I watched was very low quality, but the only one I could procure. The acting was great, but the sound quality of the specific copy I saw was poor, and at times, I struggled to properly hear what was said, so little can be said about it. What The Plague Dogs succeeds in most is empathy, easily one of the most heart wrenching movies I've seen, it's because we care for those being tortured. [b]The direction[/b], it's all done quite ingeniously. Martin Rosen draws us between the human world, and the dog's world. Unlike modern animation, we are not fully absorbed into the world of talking animals, but we are stuck between. At many stages of the film, we are blatantly shown how men torture animals, but our heroes are mere dogs and nothing more. When we are shown scenes of our protagonists, we see how they are feeling and understand how they communicate, but we are never sure of them, in actions and emotions that we are sure in humans. We are also rarely given answers, but we are left to ourselves to conclude what happens, or why it happens, we spend our time in the grey area. It's this reason why The Plague Dogs is one of the best animations I have seen. The animation itself is tough to judge. We are now bombarded with animated films from Pixar and Disney, we grow accustom to a certain quality in animation which for most in just unrealistic to reach. Yet despite what excellent productions Pixar may give us, with the exception of Toy Story I will always prefer hand drawn films. Perhaps a movie is not just the story told, but also the effort of the creators and hand drawn films can often show a lot more emotion. Although hand drawn films have many technical problems with realistic movement, which has been mastered now in modern methods. The Plague Dog's is a low budget film, but it creates a very dark, depressing atmosphere. In whole, it is beautiful to watch because of how much of a stark story and animation we are given. [b]Overall[/b], The Plague Dogs is one of the saddest movies I have seen. We are given many prepositions, no l answers or conclusions, yet we use our own ideology. This film is one of the best observations I have seen upon animal cruelty and appropriately steps beyond a child audience to reach darker themes. The Plague Dogs is criminally underrated as a great film, especially with such a powerful ending scene.

Joshua G (jp) wrote: A beautiful, disturbing, and bleak experimental masterpiece from the great avant garde filmmaker Chantal Akerman, starring Delphine Seyrig.

Indira S (mx) wrote: a quite fun movie to be watched, i wish they much more movie of Jack Lemmon & Doris Day, they were great

Doug K (fr) wrote: I'm not sure if I'm just that far off from the masses or Bryan Singer has paid off the critics. I lost count of the number of times I said to myself, "Seroiusly?" Even Kevin Spacey was bad, and Kevin Spacey is NEVER bad!

Kyle S (au) wrote: The One I Love fell short of its potential but still delivers as a clever psychological thriller. It addresses issues with couples and teases the life with a perfect significant other. This film keeps you guessing as the mysterious plot unfolds.