Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

Cary Grant stars as an advertising executive who dreams of getting out of the city and building a perfect home in the country, only to find the transition fraught with problems.

A man and his wife decide they can afford to have a house in the country built to their specifications. It's a lot more trouble than they think. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Critic (fr) wrote: Well, if there's anything to be said about 'Big Ass Spider!' is that it at least delivers what it promises. Much better than you'd except with good special effects in spite of the budget. The script doesn't break any new ground with plot and characterisation, but it's fun and any shortcomings are forgiven in way of the likeable, though altogether unexceptional, performances. Destined to be a cult classic, if it isn't already.

Mike M (jp) wrote: Previous US-backed portraits of political figureheads have tended towards the dry and overly reverential: think 1996's "Mandela", which most often resembled a legal deposition, or 2008's "Jimmy Carter: Man From Plains", which found Jonathan Demme rather too in thrall to the former President. "Bhutto" is surely pacier, and the absence of its subject from the room allows for a variety of perspectives - Occidental and Oriental, pro- and anti-Bhutto - to fill the gap; the film feels alive, a forum for debate on both Benazir's life and legacy, and Pakistan's position in the wider world... Bhutto herself emerges as a series of contradictions: feminist and yet deeply traditional; independent and yet beholden to the men around her; sincere stateswoman and glamorous, jet-setting celebrity; saviour and martyr. If her personality comes over as somewhat incoherent, then that may not be entirely untrue; as the rest of the film suggests, a state as fractious and divided as Pakistan may make real or lasting coherence simply impossible to achieve.

Jess L (de) wrote: As most have said really just makes you want to go back and watch the series again. The recasting was poor, and on the whole the plot was weak. It was nice to revisit but an extremely average "film" - if it can be called that.

Kafir J (fr) wrote: I certainly learned a lot from seeing this, as a potential film maker. I found it both inspiring and disheartening BUT that's a given with anything competition based. I gave it 2 and 1/2 for the content, everything else about it I didn't really like. Like the filmmaker, what a jerk. I found myself more interested in some of the other people they followed instead of the film it was following.

Adam A (ag) wrote: "Dinner For Schmucks" has a funny premise and a overly silly script to satisfy the easy going audience members, and Carell and Rudds star power sertainly do their best to bring you the laughs, but even that isn't enough for the true regulars.

Martin O (au) wrote: Excelente peli con una familia un tanto "enquilombada" que recorre cientos de kilometros para ir a una boda. Altamente recomendable.

Emily B (ag) wrote: My new favourite Ozon film. The story told in reverse is very effective and not gimmicky. There are some very beautiful and touching scenes, such as the ending walking off into the sunset and the dinner party dance scene with the Paolo Conte song. Overall great film with fantastic performances (especially Valeria Bruni Tedeschi).

Rodney J (ru) wrote: It shows more of an exciting and sexuality moment that Halle Berry made that really tells who Catwoman is.

Barry Y (ru) wrote: Now that superhero movies are all the rage, Unbreakable was deserving of a re-watch. Wow. I was not disappointed.

Mark T (ag) wrote: Spread some Gossip on this film. Tell your friends how shit it is.

Andruw F (kr) wrote: It's not very funny, but has excellent writing and direction from Alexander Payne, and an oscar worthy performance from Reese Witherspoon who completely owns her character. Matthew Broderick and Chris Klein also give great performances, but there characters are not as interesting as Reese's, and you also care about her character more. This will be a disappointment to people expecting a hilarious comedy, (especially since it was put on a list as the number one funniest screenplay of all time) but they won't be let down and will still like it.

Stefanie F (jp) wrote: An important film about a basic right many people are trying to take away from women. Powerful, upsetting, and very relevant today.

Andrew G (au) wrote: Blood, boobs, bodies, and more boobs. Sleepaway Camp 3 is a simple tongue-in-cheek slasher that aims to entertain, and it succeeds.

Caroline A K (ru) wrote: This is one of my all time favorite western.

Isaac B (br) wrote: I do love my Giallos and this is one of the best. Also has an awesome score by Ennio Morricone.

Mohammad A (br) wrote: A perfect movie. I gonna learn Italian just to understand the movies like this without subtitle. Enjoyed it.

Tom R (ca) wrote: Perhaps the stupidest man ever to carry the title of 'Dr.' stumbles his way through various tests on a giant pre-historic fish. Tests that cause a violent change in the good doctor when he accidentally becomes infected. Dull movie with no logic.

Erik J (br) wrote: The plot is built around a pretty petty setup and is littered with bits that make it come across like an unintended period piece.

Riley O (it) wrote: A really fun movie. Statham plays a great villain and the damsel in distress isn't as useless as they usually are. Great suspense thriller.

Chris R (mx) wrote: Time travel is really hard to write about. Not exactly true. it is only really hard to write about, if you want to do it well. And that is difficult, but not impossible. Don't let the generic action movie poster fool you, Predestination, based on an award winning short-story -All You Zombies- by Robert A. Heinlein is a shining example bout how to tackle the mind-bending topic of time travel well. Did it necessarily need to be a film? Probably not. But I'm glad it is.Time travel is a thought provoking topic. There are so many nuances - cause and effect, fate, predestination (That's the name of the movie! What a coincidence, right?), which leads to thoughts about alternate realities and timelines and so forth. It is perfectly fine to not delve into, or to ignore completely these elements of the subject matter in the same way that action films with collateral damage and evil henchmen dying left and right doesn't have to delve into the morality of murder as an act of self-defense, the value of a human life, and the morality of man. Back to the Future is an excellent, fun movie where time travel is a centerpiece, yet it doesn't get into the dark, nitty-gritty of the topic. However, it is refreshing when there is a film that does do that and that is exactly what Predestination is.Unfortunately, I cannot delve too deeply into the plot of the film without ruining it. Simply put, Ethan Hawke has to travel through time in an attempt to stop a terrorist from blowing shit up. And though the film sets this up right from the get go, you soon almost forget about it. The first huge chunk of the film is a story told by a man in the bar to Ethan. Because of this, the film is slow to start and get going. The story the man tells is intriguing and compelling, but if you are looking for high concept sci-fi rigamaroles, you'll have to wait. Even though this is a time travel movie, time travel is used as a tool to discuss fate, choice, and identity. Does choice even exist or is everything predetermined? And if someone doesn't have a choice and aren't even in control of their own lives, then who are they really? Are they even living a life or just a cog in a machine?The film shines with these issues and makes the viewer contemplate them long after it is over. That is definitely due to the strong source material on which the script is based. The film doesn't really shine as a film. A lot of the twist and turns of the plot may become more evident to the viewer of the film than the reader of the story simply due to the visual nature of the film medium. The film encapsulates the events of the short story, but extends it as well. However, the final stopping point the Spierig Brothers chose was odd. It didn't feel like a natural close, perhaps there was a run time concern (even though it is only an hour and a half). I could so easily imagine it being written as a novel, continuing to follow the story.Science fiction novels and stories have been best when using the sci-fi elements tools to discuss high philosophical topic (the Ender series, the Foundation series, the Dune series, and so on). As fan of sci-fi it is thrilling to see films that don't just use sci-fi elements as entertaining toys. Despite Predestination's being better suited for reading than watching, it is still a fantastic piece of fiction.