Mr. Brooks

Mr. Brooks

A psychological thriller about a man who is sometimes controlled by his murder-and-mayhem-loving alter ego.

A man whose addition is to kill people attempts to control his alter ego. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Glenn D (it) wrote: u surprising story with pretty good acting in a action-drama version of Taken

Casen H (fr) wrote: Great "find yourself" movie. Anjelica Huston is phenomenal, and Sam Rockwell is very entertaining.

Reno V (nl) wrote: "MEET VICTOR CROWLEY..." - 'Hatchet' is a 2006 slasher film written and directed by Adam Green (Frozen, Hatchet 2). The film tells the story of a group of young people, taking a forbidden tour and stumbling on a deformed killer called Victor Crawley. The film is a mix of humor, bad jokes, lots of boobs and extreme gore, so not for the ones who are easily offended. Even though it's not very original and even predictable, I do like the film. Mostly because of the impressive cast of horror icons: Robert Englund (a Nightmare on Elmstreet franchise), Tony Todd (Candyman franchise), Joshua Leonard (the Blair Witch Poject) and Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th franchise) as Victor Crowley. Also starring are Joel Moore (Avatar, Shark Night), Tamara Fieldman (Perfect Stranger) and Patrika Darbo (Days of our Lives). Hatchet had two sequels. While the world of horror cinema is overrun with remakes, this 'Hatchet' gives us hope... Rednecks Samson Dunston (Englund) and his son Ainsley (Leonard) are midnight fishing in a New Orleans swamp. After urinating in the bushes, Ainsley returns to the fishing boat only to find his father hacked into pieces. When reaching for a harpoon, the guy is grabbed by a monstrous being that brutally kills him. The following night, Ben (Moore) and his buddy Marcus escape the Mardi Gras festival in order to join a guided swamp tour. Reverend Zombie (Todd), the owner of a voodoo shop, gives them an address. The boys find Shawn, the inexperienced guide, and join him on a boat tour on the swamp. Also aboard are sleazy director Shapiro with his two porn actresses Misty and Jenna, tourists Jim and Shannon (Darbo) Permatteo, and the quiet Marybeth (Fieldman). During the tour Shawn tells them the story of the local legend Victor Crowley (Hodder), a deformed boy who died in the surrounding woods...

S C (fr) wrote: Only saw this because it was a freebie that has a "cable movie" feel. A war movie that does a good job of showing some of the decisions involved in the face of war and likely death.

Robert B (jp) wrote: To the Devil a Daughter (Peter Sykes, 1976)One of those late-era Hammer films"it was, in fact, their penultimate feature before the studio went over to all-TV in the eighties (the last one was a forgettable remake of The Lady Vanishes)"that puts one more in mind of the stuff they've been doing since the 2008 rescuscitation than the stuff they did in the fifties-sixties golden age. (The Resident, anyone?) Richard Widmark plays a hapless novelist trying to rescue a lovely young thing (Nastassja Kinski in her second film role) from the clutches of a rogue priest (Christopher Lee) and his coven. True to Hammer standards, the movie has a simply amazing cast (aside from the above, Denholm Elliott, Michael Goodliffe, and Anthony Valentine, among many other recognizable faces, show up for the dance), but something went horribly, horribly wrong in either the scriptwriting department or post-production editing. Or, more likely a bit of both; the movie turns out a confused muddle, and in at least one place"the climax"we know it's down to overzealous editing because production stills of the real ending exist (though the footage has supposedly not survived). But can that be true of the whole film, or can we just blame Peacock and Wicking's adaptation of Dennis Wheatley's novel? The jury's still out on that one, though I've pushed the novel much closer to the top of the ever-growing list of stuff to get read sooner rather than later. It's mush, but it's watchable mush with an incredible acting stable that Hammer second-stringer Sykes (The Legend of Spider Forest) wrings solid performances out of; worth watching if you've never seen it, but probably won't make it onto your short shelf of Hammer Classics. ***

Miranda B (kr) wrote: Was a funny movie, but not too crazy about the "ghost dance" stuff.

Elgan D (kr) wrote: A brisk and creepy pre-Romero undead film filled with iconic ritualistic imagery, especially the imposing Carrefour.

Harold G (ag) wrote: Riveting. The best thriller of 2007. Gosling in the role of aambitious but spoiled attorney is convincing and Hopkins is perfect for this dangerous sociopath