Mr Joe B. Carvalho

Mr Joe B. Carvalho

A small time detective is hired to bring back the daughter of a businessman who has run away from home with the house chef.

A small time detective is hired to bring back the daughter of a businessman who has run away from home with the house chef. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex r (es) wrote: The Baytown Outlaws is a pointless mess of a film with a poor cast, poorly thought out script and misdirection from its director, who can't seem to make something watchable out of the film. I was bored throughout the film, and with seeing the trailer, it looked like a pretty funny, action packed film that would be a mindless movie to watch and have fun. Well, it certainly was mindless, but it wasn't enjoyable to say the least. Everything about the film is garbage and it is one of those movies that never should have been made. The film had the potential of being a thrill ride from start to finish, however the script is so poorly layered and written, that it loses steam halfway through, and by the end of it, it just fails in terms of a movie that you're going to enjoy. I really hated the film, and thought it was a waste of time. Don't go into this one expecting a good film, you'll be sadly disappointed. This is pure low budge B movie trash and it shows. No effort was put into this film whatsoever and the cast are wooden in their performances and none can salvage this stupid, pointless movie. Avoid this film; it's not worth your time. The Baytown Outlaws had an interesting idea, unfortunately it was developed a director who just isn't competent enough to make something interesting for the viewer. Overall this is a misfire that just ends up falling flat. Spend your time watching something else; you'll be glad you did.

Honie J (jp) wrote: It was a good movie. Some places were funny.

Natalie G (ru) wrote: I wish I could visit Halloweentown!

Tiffany F (it) wrote:, this movie should be called take it off. Hey, at least the nudity is relevant to the storyline. I love Lauren-Lee smith as an actress. Yes it is explicit, but there is more content on a psychological viewpoint. Different job done

Levi P (br) wrote: pretty much on par with disney animation. movie is quite enjoyable. still thou the comics are better

Aussie C (es) wrote: Its just a great movie and stitch is so cute :)

Phil H (us) wrote: I remember when this came out it was quite a big action flick for Snipes, its funny when you look back on these old films and see how bad they really were hehe. One of two skydiving flicks released in the same year (much like the two Robin Hood flicks) but quite different from each other surprisingly. This film is a slight rip on the far superior 'Point Break' in my humble opinion, just replace surfing with skydiving and you pretty much know what I'm talking about plot wise and action wise.Problem is the action is rather dull, repetitive and dated even back then with a boring gang of baddies lead by the too old Gary Busey and a whole host of similar aerial set pieces that are clearly not the stars haha. Very much a by the numbers action flick that isn't as good as other by the numbers action flicks.

Kevin R (de) wrote: I also do circumcisions Nick Parker is a Vietnam veteran who lost his eye sight during the war. While in Vietnam he became adept at utilizing his other motor skills and also mastered the art of sword play. Upon his return to the United States he seeks out his best friend from the war. His best friend is currently in hot water due to a drug deal gone bad and his friend's life and his family's lives are at stake. Can Nick save his friend's life despite his condition? "You're a walking advertisement for working with the handicapped." Phillip Noyce, director of Salt, The Bone Collector, The Saint, Patriot Games, Sliver, Clear and Present Danger, Dead Calm, and Heatwave, delivers Blind Fury. The premise for this film is interesting and well paced and the dialogue is well written and brilliantly delivered. The action scenes are remarkable and make the film worth watching and contain a solid blend of gore and fighting maneuvers. The acting is better than anticipated and the cast includes Rutger Hauer, Lisa Bount, Terry O'Quinn, Nick Cassavetes, and Randall Cobb. "I'm going to put that blind man in a wheel chair." Despite being an obvious Zatoichi knock off this film still deserves a better than average grade. Sure, the majority of the film is cheesy and not worth your time, but there are hilarious lines throughout the film, a few worthwhile sequences, and the action scenes far superior than I anticipated. This film is worth watching at least once for action movie junkies. "Not bad for a blind man, but that butter knife won't stop a bullet." Grade: C+

Sam M (jp) wrote: If directed by William Friedkin it could have been even better.

Shaun B (de) wrote: "We're going out the good ol' fashioned way. Prancer and Dancer and Donder and Blitzen, and Vixen and Nixon... oh, consarnit I get those names mixed up, but the KIDS know their names."Typically bad 1960s sci-fi drive-in trash but twisted into a saccharine formula geared for kids. Or stoned dogs. Actual canines. Stoned. I would only wish this on my worst enemy or to those who like to watch real real bad low budget crap or those who've seen every other Christmas movie out there (every. single. one.).

Jenna I (ag) wrote: I don't know why anybody thought "1865... hmm.. Oh I know, Elvis" but they did and that became Love Me Tender- Elvis' first film. And not a great one, mostly because Elvis is so out of place and bizarre... also kind of a bad guy. The music is insanely out of place, Elvis is overacting and the story is some kind of weird "the South was defeated but we still have morals dangnabit" sort of plot. I mean, it's watchable but mostly not worth it.

Doug B (de) wrote: Wow. I saw this on opening day back in 1987. As a kid I kind of liked it. As an adult.... Well how does a shark know to pick out a human to murder and follow to the Bahamas in 2-3 days and roar like a lion and stand on its tail and create blood in the water before inflicting harm. How does a human have a psychic connection to a fish! The Apple has fallen far from the tree in this sequel. Jaws 2 was good for a horror sequel, Jaws 3 was ridiculous but kind of fun since taking place in the future... Arguably.Had to put a star rating but No Stars F