Mr. Klein

Mr. Klein

Paris, 1942. Robert Klein cannot find any fault with the state of affairs in German-occupied France. He has a well-furnished flat, a mistress, and business is booming. Jews facing discrimination because of laws edicted by the French government are desperate to sell valuable works of art - and it is easy for him to get them at bargain prices. His cosy life is disrupted when he realizes that there is another Robert Klein in Paris - a Jew with a rather mysterious behaviour. Very soon, this homonymy attracts the close - and menacing - attention of the police on the established art trader.

Paris, 1942. Robert Klein cannot find any fault with the state of affairs in German-occupied France. He has a well-furnished flat, a mistress, and business is booming. Jews facing ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul S (it) wrote: sort of obvious plot, and no real reason to care for main character

Randy H (es) wrote: Stupid, yet not the least bit funny. Skip it

HansIvar H (de) wrote: En intens og bra thriller on Anna og hennes 8 r gamle snn som flytter til ukjent sted, i skjul for faren. Man sitter hele veien og lurer p hva som egentlig skjer etterhvert som historien gr. En utrolig trist historie - men filmen er bra den.

Dan R (fr) wrote: If you're a true Disney geek like me, this will no doubt serve as an intriguing insight into how Disney became so successful in the late 80s and 90s. I can honestly say that I don't tire from watching it; this may be my 5th time watching it since I bought it a year and some ago.

Bill R (au) wrote: I love stylized martial arts and this did not disappoint at all. It looks a bit different but the way they filmed the movie made the special effects work really well for it. The story is good and they make everything tie in. A good movie in my opinion. Only wished I could of watched it subtitled instead of the horrible English dub but I'll take what I can.

Monique Y (br) wrote: Liked this movie very much. Learned more about golf and Grand Slams... good performances, great sceneries. What I liked most though was the focus on dealing with expectations, self and others, and the stress associated to fulfilling your dreams, hopes, and self imposed goals!

Leo B (de) wrote: 5 friends get together to discuss everything from relationships to sex the night before one of them gets married. A female version of "Bachelor Party"!!!!!!!!

Tanner B (fr) wrote: Staying Alive (1983) ? 1/2Completely empty (and needless) follow-up to SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER is essentially an excuse to show off a series of mindless dance sequences, all of which contain not a single ounce of energy. Five years have passed, now Travolta's focused on a girl dancer and Broadway and . . . you can see the outcome coming miles away. You know you're in trouble when you can hardly remember a single thing from the movie even right after seeing it! Bad acting, embarrassing material. The Bee Gees couldn't even save this one.

Darrin C (br) wrote: I fianlly saw this flick in full after many years of trying to. The effects are only somewhat impressive even for its time. The acting is good and not the actors' fault that the script seemed written by a first-timer for an experimental college project. I found the overall movie rather boring with more than a few awkwardly slow moments.

Jay R (de) wrote: Brilliant, tragic and amazing. It's a bit complicated for me to explain the personal reasons for liking it so much, but it was leaps and bounds beyond it's time.

Daniel L (ca) wrote: Is revenge worth it?

Steven W (jp) wrote: enjoyable although inaccurate but holds as a fav from my youth

Edward C (de) wrote: Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014)Starring:Andrew Jacobs, Jorge Diaz, Gabrielle Walsh, Renee Victor, Noemi Gonzalz, David Saucedo, Gloria Sandoval, Richard Cabral, Carlos Pratts, Juan Vasquez,Directed by Christopher B. LandonReviewHello Kiddies your pal the crypt-critic here, with a snore-fest unfortunately. This is the strangest and most screwed paranormal activity film of them all I mean, I wasn't sure that would get worse the two but apparently it can.This paranormal activity film has two buddies who of course film everything together cause if they didn't you wouldn't have a movie. His neighbor is this creepy old lady and she dies. They decide to go down there and investigate on what happened and Jesse becomes marked, he gets marked to some sort of entity and it actually gives him superhero powers.I had a plan before I watched this movie. My plan was to sleep for one hour go to church, come back watch the film, write a review and sleep again. But I got to tell ya this shit-fest was so damn boring and stupid that I feel asleep for a couple of minutes my alarm went off and I'm like"what,something interesting happened yet?"When I say this movies stupid, I mean this characters are so retarded, there first initial thought when there downstairs neighbor is murdered is after the police leave to go inside and touch every damn thing in the crime scene just touch everything and they incriminate themselves in the process, of course they don't need to worry about any of that though this is a shitty paranormal activity movie where nothing makes sense. When Jesse gets his super powers he thinks it's amazing like he's fucking superman or something, he never actually questions it he's just like whoa this awesome. He even at one point starts talking to some computer controlled game called Simon and it's talking back to him which sounds pretty dumb, they all just think its so cool, they think it's the greatest thing ever, and they never seem to question the fact that this is not normal my friend.There really isn't anything about the movie that's scary, your just anticipating a very loud booming noise that will jolt you cause it's loud as hell and that's not scary that's just sound effects.I would never recommend this to anyone and if there is a paranormal activity fan who likes this one or actually found it enjoyable or good I'm going to tell you your on drugs. I'm this piece of shit a half out of five.