Mr. Leguignon Lampiste

Mr. Leguignon Lampiste

A railway worker, Leguignon, and his wife are forced to move into a house located in a shaggy part of town. What Leguignon doesn't know is that a group of children have discovered a treasure and keeps it stored in the house. Trouble ensues when he discovers the cache and tries to claim it as his own.

Diogène Leguignon is a modest railway worker for whom things seldom tend to go right. Having been expelled from his home, he and his wife are forced into a rundown house in a less desirable part of town. Unknown to Leguignon, a band of local children have discovered a stash of treasure and keep it concealed under the floorboards in his house. When Leguignon attempts to claim ownership of the treasure, he ends up in court and is branded a thief. When he is released from jail, he persuades his neighbours to use the money gained from the sale of the treasure to build a new housing estate. But to raise the extra capital to complete the project, Leguignon has to turn to some very unscrupulous bankers... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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