Mr. Majestyk

Mr. Majestyk

Watermelon farmer Vince Majestyk (Charles Bronson) goes after the Mob, when they try to strong arm him to use their melon picking crew.

The film tells a story of Mr. Majestyk who is always eager to have a normal life as a watermelon farmer in Colorado. In fact, He has to fight for the safe of his town and for survival. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeffrey B (jp) wrote: This is one of the most boring movies I ever seen. Why didn't I just shut it off? It was free. I fell asleep.Woke up and never missed anything.

Ummay B (gb) wrote: i loved the clothes.,the setting and the plotI even cried at the end but unfortunately such a strong love does not exist nowadays...

Sal W (jp) wrote: This movie was nothing but one big cliche.

Private U (kr) wrote: One of those films nobody ever talks about.

James N (nl) wrote: Tough movie about a vigilante seeking to avenge his mothers murder, this is at times dark, gripping and thrilling, with a conclusion that stays with you. Recommended.

Magdalena F (es) wrote: You go girl! Stand up for what you belive in!

Ricardo A (ag) wrote: Despite that Boo has the heart in the right place, it ends up like a silly horror movie. Filled with bad acting and awful dialogues.

Kyle M (ca) wrote: Godzilla 2000 has a sort of good plot, and semi-interesting characters. I believe this to be the most overrated godzilla movie. I don't get why all godzilla fans hold this as one of the best. The effects in the final city rampage/ monster fight are pretty good, but I can't say the same for the rest of the film. They rely to much on green screen effects, and the green screen effects are pretty terrible. There are also some awful CGI of godzilla underwater. In this film, Godzilla fights an alien who comes down from space surrounded in a rocky material. It is eventually revealed to be a shiny metal space ship/ creature. Then in the very end, the ship Takes its final form as the monster "Orga." The monster is really interesting. It can takes on qualities of other monsters it fights, and has an awesome suit design. Sadly the amazing fight scene between godzilla and orga ends very fast. Godzilla's suit design looks great. At this point in the series, it is starting to look less like a suit and more likeAn actual animal. The suit looks very ferocious, as it should be. There were some really good characters in this film, but also some pretty annoying ones. The little girl, you can guess, is one of the annoying ones, just like most of the kids in the series. The other two main characters were ok, except the woman was kind of unlikable. Don't quote me on those two characters, because its probably the fact that I only have the english dubbed version, but I don't know. Overall, this movie is a pretty good return to the series, but it gets too much praise. I think two reasons why people fanboy over this, is because it came out after godzilla 1998, and it was sort of relieving. The other reason is because Lots of people grew up on this one(including me). Its not a bad movie, its not a "great" movie, but it has its moments. It is definitely worth a watch for hardcore monster fans, and casual godzilla fans alike.

Mike W (nl) wrote: Jeff Daniels and Anna Paquin are brilliant as father and daughter!

Jesse F (gb) wrote: While the third film was the most fun of the series, the fourth film is the most trite and boring.

Bill M (fr) wrote: An ultra stylish, smoky, neon soaked work of visual art, Flatliners is cool, original, creepy, unsettling and just beautiful to looks at, it's an amazingly crafted and unique thriller with great performances by the seriously on fire at that point and seriously young and hot looking cast.

Joackim O (fr) wrote: "Ils nous ont laiss que l'amour"

Luca D (jp) wrote: Non sono un grande amante del genere, c'e' da dire che questo si discosta molto dai western in stile "spara piu' non posso al forestiero" e diventando un film introspettivo e adulto. Perde anche di vivacita' ma non troppa.

Ricardo O (nl) wrote: "One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don't know."Although this was their second film, this was where the Marx Bros. really got started in film. It's often considered their best but to me it is probably the weakest of their classic six films. It has many moments that are really funny with some of the gags ranking as their best but they are just a little too anarchic in this early picture. The director of the film I'm sure really didn't have much to do but yell action and cut and let the brothers run amuck. But this was the way the Marx Brothers were; they were zany and absolutely absurd from one moment to another. Because the camerawork is so still it's basically like we're seeing their act onstage. The sound of course isn't that great but one can't complain too much as sound still had plenty of bugs to fix as we were just getting into the sound era at this point. I feel the length of the film is just a tad too long for all the zaniness of the brothers; a few cuts would have probably made it a little more enjoyable and getting rid of some of the jokes that didn't work. Nevertheless it is still a very funny movie with the Marx Brothers right in their element. If you're a fan of theirs, it's a must-see, but if you've never seen them or are accustomed to their type of comedy I'd start with the easier to digest and much more enjoyable A Night At the Opera. They obviously went on to make better films but this is worth watching just because it's where they really started. Plus it contains what may be the greatest line in any of their movies. 8/10

Dale R (gb) wrote: Not bad : totally ludicrous but worth 90 minutes. I found it disconcerting to see Mary-Ellen Walton's husband, Curt Willard, in this type of film!

Ethan B (gb) wrote: I'm never against a film that has a ridiculous and unique premise. That's not what makes Bad Johnson somewhat unfavorable. There's a lot more to it.For one, you dislike the film's antagonist too much. It gets to a point where his wronging exceeds what we would consider fair for the protagonist. We can't laugh at it. Much similar to my feelings towards Neighbors.There is hardly an established setting. I figured out that we were in Chicago after awhile, but the film doesn't lend us a hand at all. The jokes are almost never reflexively funny and there's too much use of narrative obstructions to keep us interested. It's only employed as a cheap technique to keep the audience interested during slow-movie scenes.The film is about Rich (Cam Gigandet) who finds himself ruining every relationship he's in because of his sex addiction. He wishes that his genitals would leave him alone, so the next morning he wakes up without them. There is no reason behind this phenomenon. No fountain with a coin thrown into. No shooting star. No wishbone. It's just accepted information that's handed to us. And if that's not ridiculous enough, Rich's penis now takes on a human form, of who we ever-so-creatively refer to as "RP".Rich's love interest, Lindsay (Katherine Cunningham), has a good head on her shoulders--that's why Rich likes her so much. She's sure of herself and sees past all the BS that life throws her way. But then why is she so easily tricked by RP's so very transparent lies? There also seems to be no concern for the fact that Rich lied to her about his past, and in fact cheated on several of his ex-girlfriends. Instead, she just accepts that he will "be good" and waves off all hesitation. Because when you think about it, she doesn't even really know him that well either. They went on like, 3 dates.But this movie isn't completely terrible. It has some decent dialogue and isn't at a "so bad it's good" level. The quality of the film isn't what we're used to, but that can't affect our overall enjoyment. For a sex comedy, it's never grotesque. And it's actually so ludicrous that we can't look away. A lot of times films of this nature have trouble giving us characters to like. In this case, there are a couple. The only problem is that I grew not to like Lindsay anymore. So why would I want Rich to end up with her? It doesn't make sense why he would want to either!Oh well. He'll probably end up cheating on her anyway.Twizard Rating: 54

Ethan P (ru) wrote: Hot Rod is one of the most redundant, inane films I've ever seen but Andy Sandberg rules the screen and leads his cast to create a stupid, silly but ultimately very funny and rewarding film.

Israel C (jp) wrote: i enjoy the story plot. somehow at the end of the movie. you are hoping that this fight would at least end in a draw based on their wits.

Lucas B (es) wrote: Heard again that it was really funny and being Coen brothers, I'd love to see it.

Jared H (nl) wrote: was pretty good. great graphics story and actors. ...