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Mr. & Mrs. Gambler

Manfred and Flora are compulsive gamblers who can gamble on anything 24 hours a day, seven days a week...

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Two compulsive gamblers struggle to quit their habit and raise a child

Mr. & Mrs. Gambler torrents

Mr. & Mrs. Gambler full movie

Mr. & Mrs. Gambler2012 torrent

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Users reviews

Adrian O (de)

This movie is great!!!

Alex S (us)

An extremely intelligent thriller that deftly blends intensity with patience to make for a fascinating look into a psychopath's mind, George Sluzier's The Vanishing is a must-see for anyone looking for an affecting and memorable feature

J K (nl)

Not only has no one ever heard of Jeff Speakman after this movie but no one has ever heard of this movie, which is cookie cutter garden variety violence and martial arts done poorly. He failed miserably. This Jeff Speakman was supposed to be the heir apparent to Van Damme (whatever that's worth)

Jayakrishnan R (ca)

Boring, Mark Wahlberg and much much more

Jeffrey G (es)

This movie is perfect in it's own way: hilarious, gory, and filled with hot, naked lesbians

John T (ag)

I though it woul be older. It looks so dated, I'm suprised it was made in 92. It was pretty funny event though it tried to be serious and I think that added to the like factor. I'm not sure what it was but I actually liked this one. Somehow, though, this movie turned out riddiculously enjoyable. It's about cyborts and humans fighting an end-game. Total crazyness and non-realisticness. Every shot ends in explosions and fire. The violence was ridiculous and random (a shot gun shot takes down a 20 story building. People used completly fake german accents. The acting for the most part was pretty bad. The script was horrible. This was not a good movie by any sense of the word

John V (it)

The two cartoons are also charming. Benchley is funny and the information is presented cleverly. Amusing

Keith R (fr)

Most of the movie is okay, but another strong ending for Tom Tykwer

Lewis L (us)

Aside from ptsd, most of the other aspects of the movie are far from believable

Nigel F (gb)

. . Just dull, dull, dull. Jane beat it hands down for action atmosphere and intrigue. I. G. Cardboard characters that didn't make me give a monkeys whether they lived or died or did anything much