Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Ann (Carole Lombard) and David Smith (Robert Montgomery) are a happily married couple living in New York. One morning, Ann asks David if he had to do it over again, would he marry her? To her shock, he answers he wouldn't. Later that day, they both separately find out that, due to a complication when they married three years ago, they are in fact not legally married. Ann does not mention this to David, and thinks he will remarry her that very night after he takes her out to a romantic dinner. When this does not happen, she angrily kicks David out of their home.

Not a typical Hitchcock movie, this is a comedy about a couple who learn that their marriage was not valid. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan C (au) wrote: If you like to dance... Its worth watching.

Anna B (au) wrote: Frustrating. Na diminishes the strong aspects of The Chaser (the tension/suspense; the efficiency of plot; the tight, exciting pacing) and amplifies the little niggling problems I had with that first movie into giant roadblocks to my enjoyment. At several points it seems like he's trying to make events deliberately implausible as some kind of artistic statement, but my suspension of disbelief flew out the window during that first foot chase (something that he's inexplicably decided will be his directorial signature, though considering how shoddy his attempt at a car chase turned out it's probably a good idea) where the main character gets chased by the cops from The Blues Brothers, outrunning cars on straight stretches of road without breaking a sweat. Up until that point it's tense, interesting, compelling...and then the whole movie shifts gears and for the next two hours everyone's stabbing each other and chasing each other at superhuman speeds for extended periods of time for reasons not entirely clear to me, and being either unbelievably incompetent or unbelievably competent, depending on what the plot demands. I'm giving it props for presenting a cool scenario and a tense first act, but where I thought it was going (how's he going to do this in 10 days while also searching for his wife, are the two things connected, and what will be the implications when he either fails or succeeds?) was much more interesting than the overlong and chaotic clusterfuck of superhumans murdering henchmen it ended up going with. I'm disappointed in Na, and my excitement for The Wailing has diminished quite a bit.

Jerry K (gb) wrote: Quick review: a bomb by De Palma. Far too muddled script. One star for cinemitology.

SoonHo S (de) wrote: Poetic visual essay that proves why Godard is Cinema.

Shantel D (ru) wrote: Not bad, kind of poorly put together though.

Nada T (ag) wrote: excellent performances by auteuil and beart

Ida K (au) wrote: Another not-so-memorable Keaton flick.

Galvy F (de) wrote: When being on the same boat of some sort of ending to what we don't know, we sail the waters for death is our captain steering us to the abyss. For those whom are not on the same boat, we live and try to make story of what happened.

dan b (es) wrote: A Rankin/Bass claymation movie featuring all the classic monsters and er um Phyllis Diller. I enjoy it, i'm thankful it even exists, i'd enjoy it even more if it were an hour long instead of feature length.

Paul D (es) wrote: Its good for the several battles of wills going on within the film, otherwise its all a bit sparse in terms of sets and people, making it a slightly odd western in that respect.

Felipe Q (ag) wrote: Um thriller de suspense liderado por performances do elenco fortes construdos em torno de uma histria um tanto implausvel.

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