Mr. Muggs Steps Out

Mr. Muggs Steps Out

The East Side Kids come face to face with High Society in Mr. Muggs Steps Out. Ordered by a judge to get a job, Muggs McGinniss (Leo Gorcey) is hired by wealthy Mrs. Murray (Betty Blythe), who has a penchant for picking up trouble-prone servants. At an engagement party for Mrs. Murray's spoiled daughter Brenda (Joan Marsh), Muggs enlists his pals Glimpy (Huntz Hall), Pinky (Billy Benedict), Speed (Bobby Stone), Skinny (Bud Gorman), Danny (Dave Durand) and Rocky (Jimmy Strand) as extra help.

Muggs, ordered by a judge to get a job "or else", is hired by a society matron as the chauffeur for her wacky family. An engagement party is thrown for the family's daughter, and the rest ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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