Mr. Pellam

Mr. Pellam

A story about a man with a earning wife who loses his job & how he copes up with household work in an Indian community

Mr. Pellam or Mister Pellam (Telugu: మిస్టర్ పెళ్ళాం; English translation: Mr. Wife) is a 1993 Telugu Comedy film directed by Bapu. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Glenn G (jp) wrote: Dana Adam Shapiro is best known for the exciting and inspiring documentary, MURDER BALL, for which he received an Academy Award nomination 5 years ago. MONOGAMY is his narrative directorial debut, and was an Independent Spirit Award nominee this year for Best First Screenplay. Although the film features two very appealing leads in Chris Messina and Rashida Jones, I wish I could report that Shapiro's transition to drama is a triumph, but there's just not a lot going on in this film. Anyone who has ever seen BLOW UP will recognize the story of a photographer who becomes unusually obsessed with his subject. Here, Messina is that photographer who is engaged to Jones and begins to doubt their relationship when he becomes more and more fixated on a woman he's been paid to photograph from afar. The film is spare, quiet, and told entirely from the point of view of the male gaze. It's all about how Messina's character sees women and questions his own ability to stay true to the woman he's about to marry. Messina holds the screen well, but is given very little to do here except look at a LOT of people and photos. Jones, does some fine, subtle work here but her character is too conveniently sidelined midway through the film, and never really recovers from it. For a while there, it looked like we were going to participate in her obsessions with men, but it never really comes to pass. I've become such a fan of her work from THE OFFICE, PARKS AND RECREATION, and THE SOCIAL NETWORK. She never overdoes things and always creates credible modern women. One climactic scene in particular, where our leads confront each other, plays out beautifully with the rhythms of how a couple really argues. No big histrionics, just quiet forcefulness. Like so many unambitious indies of this sort, there's a relentlessly probing handheld camera aesthetic, and quiet moodiness....and little else. There's a little surprise twist late in the game which was ridiculously telegraphed early on, so boo hiss to that! Some humans mate for life, but my "relationship" with this heartfelt but shallow film pretty much ended as soon as the credits rolled. A forgettable trick if you will.

Doug C (us) wrote: Liked it, but didn't love it. I get the whole neorealistic angle on a neighborhood I've been in several times from regularly attending the U.S. Open tennis tournament (no Mets games.. sorry).. but same place. I have have no doubt this is exactly the kind of thing that goes on there. Makes me appreciate that I do not live there.. and makes me feel somewhat vicarious and guilty at the same time.

Nix V (kr) wrote: It drags itself abysmally, straining none of your wits but most of your patience, for really it has nothing else to say other than, 'Look, i can do the non-linear narrative thingy too.' The lead actress is goddamn pretty though.

Andrew R (jp) wrote: I give my complete support to all left-wing comics.

Carlos D (br) wrote: First one was better....this one was not as entertaining....we needed more hulk...

Rob H (us) wrote: as bad as it was funny..and it was really, really bad

Dan S (nl) wrote: Goldie Hawn was awesome.

Trinity C (au) wrote: I read about this one.

Stevee T (br) wrote: It took me ages to finish watching it completely!! Good performance by Vivien Leigh...she truly was beautiful!

Greg W (br) wrote: bogart on the rise he did this after the maltese falcon'

Karl G (gb) wrote: So bad I turned it off after 3 minutes!

Hayden H (ca) wrote: not bad but not very good enough to bring a franchise. I saw it again and I couldn't even finish it's so painful

Facebook U (br) wrote: Rented this one on Spielberg's and and Goldie Hawn. Now I realise that I've seen it a long time ago on tv. Or bits of it. Definitely crazy story of young delusional couple, especially the girl, searching an escape... It seems far fetched for something of a true story. And the film embellished the story, added events, to be able to make a full length film. The chase of hundreds of vehicles is true though. The killing also. They were not going for a child but other relatives. They clearly were too naive to realise that their own kind was much more blood thirsty than they were themselves. Reminded the OJ chase for a while.

Carlos M (us) wrote: A disturbing, terrifying and emotionally devastating drama that examines how evil can grow inside people from the way they are raised - and Tilda Swinton is wonderful in an Oscar-deserving performance as a mother who doesn't have any idea how to raise her son.

Francisco Q (kr) wrote: Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe shine in "The Nice Guys"! We have here one of the most funny detective noir movies in years! Maybe you don't remember the last time you watched a movie so original and diferent like this.