Mr. Right

Mr. Right

A girl falls for the "perfect" guy, who happens to have a very fatal flaw: he's a hitman on the run from the crime cartels who employ him.

A writer who has sworn off trying to find love is unexpectedly swept off her feet by a seemingly perfect man who, she learns, works for an upscale dating service. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jrmie F (br) wrote: Long, slow, not that exiting. Well, nothing comes out of this movie to really make you think of be entertained.

Johnny B (kr) wrote: Interesting idea. Not a great movie, but not bad.

Kevin F (fr) wrote: great disaster movie

Mohammed A (ag) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Russ B (mx) wrote: 12/31/2013: Not a bad little movie with a few funny parts. Great cast!

Jordan P (mx) wrote: Stranding its familiar faces and fresh blood in the always horror-friendly hellscape of a hospital short on population, Halloween 2 builds on its iconic predecessor's legacy with a shocking character-driven twist, menacing suspense and a hearty helping of increased gore.

Mark F (us) wrote: This has some interesting, clever set-pieces and unexpected twists that draw you in. It's shot almost like an art-house movie at times and has a slightly dark feel. I would have scored it higher if not for the sucky ending. Bit of a depressing anticlimax.

Greg N (kr) wrote: Decent drama, a little soap opera-ish at times, but generaly engaging. Paul Newman and Barbara Rush are gorgeous and the supporting cast is rock solid. Beautiful black and white photography too.

gerardo r (au) wrote: An influential picture of a legendary character. The director precedes Akira Kurosawa and provides the template that is expanded upon by the latter film director. I believe that Kurosawa films are essential for any film lover, but if you fall for well done samurai movies, than this is a must see film. The characters, storytelling and camera techniques are incredibly well done for those who appreciate the historical development of films. This film came out at the same time as Seven Samurai and won the Academy Award for best foreign film. Musashi is a Japanese seventeenth century folk hero who has been depicted in numerous art forms throughout Japanese history. Toshiro takes on the role with complete mastery. It begins with him up on a tree idolizing the marching warriors through his small village. He goes off to war to make a name for himself. His childhood friend decides to follow along despite his engagement to Otsu. In war they encounter defeat and escape to improve. They meet a mother and daughter out in the country who help them heal. Ultimately, Musashi separates from his friend and returns to his town where he becomes a fugitive. As part of a trilogy, this film sets up the stage for the next two, but it also stands very much on its own. Musashi begins as an impetuous young man and the film ends when he has matured. One drawback is that we only get glimpses into the character over long periods of time. Musashi comes off as an intense character, obsessed with fame, even over the company of women. His treatment of women appears to be an honorable characteristic or it could be a reality for someone who has not properly developed certain social skills. There is a certain sympathy that the viewer develops with regard to such a character where fame at all costs stunts the quintessential human drive for companionship and friendship. He becomes a loner that no one can access. The character development from a naive beginning with indiscriminate fighting to a mature more restrained character is engaging. In this film you also have the love triangle that will continue through the subsequent films. The director Inagaki captures incredibly will the local country side scenery full of beautiful mountains. The most memorable scene is when Musashi is hung from a tree by the Zen monk as a way of teaching a lesson. The Zen monk is a memorable character, but I wished that more could have been developed with the Japanese Zen background context. Ultimately, Musashi emerges as a confident man ready to accomplish his goal of becoming a samurai with a better structured agenda. On the side, the viewer is left to contemplate the fates of Otsu, and Musashi's friend Matahachi. A great film that looks into the character side of Musashi whereas the next two installments will make great use of traditional samurai duels.

Jason K (mx) wrote: bad bad 90s "action"

Jason M (au) wrote: Pretentious nonsense.

S K (jp) wrote: Weird n' creepy. Mia Farrow at her best.

Rendan L (au) wrote: The narrative may be tough on the initial watch but there is enough technical achievements to help get through and leaves a desire to sit through it again. Grade: B+