Mr. Robin kkosigi

Mr. Robin kkosigi

A Korean company analyst rear-ends an American man's car then discovers he's her new boss. Unlucky at love, she begins to take romance lessons from him in order to seduce him.

Korean Min-june is getting over her recent break-up and while pondering over that she bumps her car into a man who as her luck might have it is her new boss. Unknowingly she pretends to not... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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bill s (ag) wrote: Starts OK but quickly deteriates of the week campy crap that laft me bored and cursing.

Frances H (es) wrote: Incredibly gripping story with great plot twists that keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole movie with clenched teeth tension that never lets up. Between this film and City of God, Venezuelan movies are really coming into their own.

Crystal C (jp) wrote: ha ha what a pile of poo. although there were hot nurses in their pants so that's what the one star is for :P

John B (au) wrote: An interesting tale of the true other words the non Borat version. After being taken with the intriguing people of the Steppe, the film drifts slightly and is inconsistent. Attention span alert for those easily distracted..give it a skip.

Katy M (nl) wrote: This is just one of those cult movies where you either love it or hate it- there is no inbetween. Am I mentally insane if I can relate to this movie? Everything that Napoleon says and does makes me laugh hysterically.

Lyndon G (br) wrote: I liked this but I don't remember much about it. Usually I know whether I've seen a movie, or if I see a scene I know in a second or two, but this one I had to think about. It is sympathetic, even touching, and pretty engaging, but perhaps a little formulaic.

T J (au) wrote: awsome movie cant stop watching it... defently my favorite movie of all time

Thomas K (de) wrote: Not well thought of upon it's initial release the film is really kind of sweet and charming. Kline is a hoot and this could very well be the last time Ryan was not insufferable. Add in the beautiful scenery and terrific soundtrack and you could definitely find worse ways to spend a couple of hours.

Jonathan T (us) wrote: Unintentionally hilarious... Isabella Rossellini will do anything!

James M (br) wrote: A rather average thriller which wasn't particularly memorable.

Art S (ag) wrote: Satyajit Ray's sequel to Pather Panchali finds Apu growing from a small boy to a young man. Ready for independence and adventure, Apu abandons his mother for Calcutta and studies, leaving her lonely and weak. Close-ups (and Ravi Shankar's lilting score) heighten the emotion. The film ends abruptly, as Apu departs after another life transition.

Patryk C (nl) wrote: In this john Huston classic the suspense is build by the claustrophobic mood and inevitable cataclysm, which is about to abruptly stop all the proceeding event, in this noir tale about gangsters and emphatic romance. Great juxtaposition in the form of Humphrey Bogart vs. Edward G. Robinson, with their ensuing onscreen rivalry. The tension is rising rapidly, as the time is running down inexorably, and the two characters try to settle their differences. On a visual level one of the most impressive noir achievement to date.

David S (nl) wrote: I think it would be difficult to review this without having seen Dr. Mabuse der Spieler *and* M, as it references both quite heavily (although not without subtlety). Safe to say, it is a film that was very much ahead of its time. It anticipates formal cinematic techniques used later by Hitchcock, Tarantino, David Lynch and others by over half a century. It is *imperative* to see the restored 121 minute version (I recommend the Masters of Cinema Mabuse boxed set*), not the cut-down 95 minute version, in which all of Kent's characterisation and backstory is lost. Ideally, this film should be watched several times -- and for a really close experience, subsequently watched in conjunction with a read of the seminal 1982 essay 'The Voice in Cinema' by Michel Chion -- Lang's genius was to retain Mabuse's silence within one of his first talkies, and have the voice issue only from technology within the film. Even watched for the story alone, with no appreciation for cinema in itself, this is a wonderful and mysterious tale of crime, paranoia, the uncanniness of 20th century telephony and recordings, love (in the 121 min version), and psychology. Lang wished retrospectively to downplay the supernatural elements, and perhaps they are best seen as remnants of expressionism -- but even so the story is haunting and enigmatic.*The commentary and studies included on the Masters of Cinema DVD explore in depth the legend of Joseph Goebbels' offer of the post of official 'cinema minister' to Lang (in which it was said, Lang marvelling 'but I am half-Jewish' was told by Goebbels, 'WE decide who is Jewish!') and sets the record straight; there never was such an offer and Goebbels banned the film not out of rejection from Lang but simply because he felt it would inspire general societal suspicion and anti-authoritarianism towards figures of power.

John T (br) wrote: I really liked the premise. This was based around batman trying to reach out and make peace with the Joker. It also had a lot of how the Joker became to be what he was. I don't ever remember seeing this back story with Joker. It was very good. I liked how Batman kept iterating that their feud would end with one of them dead. Very different tone than the others. I'm going to have to read the book now.