Mr. Sin: The Abe Saffron Story

Mr. Sin: The Abe Saffron Story


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Mr. Sin: The Abe Saffron Story torrent reviews

Waleed A (it) wrote: ummm. this movie does exactly what it sets out to do, and does it well. had some good laughs. And it didn't just feel like some crappy movie they made as a stunt, it was actually well-made in a lot of ways. And during the parts I wasn't laughing, I was still smiling and amused (1 viewing)

Karsh D (de) wrote: Was expecting more on the the cyber attack front but instead got a bunch of boring 30 somethings trying to sort out their lives Dull.

scott g (es) wrote: Set on a farmhouse, where a couple, the wife who can not pass her jewish heritage, hide out through the good nature of the young woman living there, but its clear, while doing a good deed, she will want more from the husband, who takes a active role helping run the farm, while holding out with the wife and child, as time passes, the husband whom starts having a relationship with the woman will have to make tough desisions. a well made film and a intimite drama, focusing on a story of wartime, some tough moments move story along, and all concerned give it there all.

Aishiafu S (jp) wrote: i do really like this story..yeah!!

Mariana M (kr) wrote: terrible, don't waste your time or money on this one.

Tracee E (es) wrote: That one scene where "Mrs. Hughes" says "no woman would die like that. A woman would fight!" Beautiful

David J (ag) wrote: this Documentary (about a film maker that returns to a hick town in Illinois to find out what happened to "Stevie", a troubled kid he mentored some ten years earlier) leaves the viewer with a LOT to think about....the ethics of documentaries in general, the failure of state correctional, and foster systems, the effects of broken or collapsed family units, what roll poverty and religion plays in a person's emotional make up, and on and on and on.....really good, but really difficult to watch.

Kenny D (br) wrote: This movie sucks don't ever see it

Adrienne D (jp) wrote: This film defies all words to describe it. It's music and poetry and personal expression put onto film. Even the dialogue is less people talking to each other and more of them *expressing* to each other.

Matt N (gb) wrote: From what i have seen I don't think this film even deserves half a star because of the half arsed excuse for a movie.

Gregory W (ca) wrote: just so so for a B picture

Ungira P (fr) wrote: a feel good realistic movie. loved it.. was a piece of therapy.

bill s (br) wrote: A layered gangster movie with heart.Pacino is outstanding as Depp's loser but sympathetic mentor in a movie that has great performance after great performance.

John M (fr) wrote: He snipe snipe snipe.

Jillian S (jp) wrote: That was a movie? It was trashy and cheap. Kristen Stewart looked and played the role of a drug attic. It's not like we haven't seen her do that before.

Christopher S (nl) wrote: A powerful drama from director Sidney Lumet effectively melds innovative European filmmaking techniques with Hollywood melodrama. Rod Steiger's performance is one of his best in a long career of great performances, and then there's Boris Kaufman's excellent black and white, on-location cinematography and Quincy Jones' superb score. A classic.

Paul D (ag) wrote: This movie was pretty good, although I think it ended a bit too soon. Kevin Bacon does a good job, the kids do alright as well...even though their characters were complete idiots. Worth watching once, but the ending should have gone on for at least 5 more minutes.

Nicolas S (gb) wrote: This movie is just stunning! The entire picture was absolutely breathless, it was very good directed and the scenes were just so spontaneous and silent! I loved it!! Thank you Gus Van Sant for making this film!