Mr. Stitch

Mr. Stitch

Doctor Rue Wakeman and his team create a young man with skin and organs taken from other men and women. The creature (Lazarus) reads a lot of books and learns all about the humans. But when he meets fascinating doctor Elizabeth English his life changes: he decides to escape from the laboratory.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   dream,   chase,  

Doctor Rue Wakeman and his équipe create a young man with skin and organs taken from other men and women. The creature (Lazarus) reads a lot of books and learns all about the humans. But ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher H (mx) wrote: retrospective to a great body of work and insight into one who witness so much human suffering throughout his career. Somewhat episodic and not really biographical and felt rather like a film accompanying a gallery exhibition.

Cherry E (us) wrote: One of the best films I've seen

Paul B (nl) wrote: Four young children each with different fathers are abandoned by their mother in a small Tokyo apartment and must learn to adapt to their own little world even when tragedy strikes. A nicely woven touching tale of survival with excellent performances from very young actors, particularly the eldest child, Akira, a twelve year old boy who must protect his siblings from the cruel outside world in the absence of parents.

Matthew H (au) wrote: It's not as fun or exciting as the original, but "Shanghai Knights" will pass as some Friday night popcorn movie entertainment with just enough kick to be watchable.

cli o (jp) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Arry F (es) wrote: Jennifer Tilly was the best part

Linda H (us) wrote: A nice bollywood movie.

Bheema D (mx) wrote: Rarely, there is something.

Garrett C (mx) wrote: "Zardoz" is one of those films that's so terrible that it's terrible, but interesting enough to end up getting cult status due it being an absolute head-scratcher. How in the world did John Boorman make such an atrocious and pretentious piece of garbage after so many well made films? Why would Sean Connery accept running around in a red diaper with a Zapata stache the whole movie? Why don't the Eternals read something or do anything other than eat fruit? These questions (and so many more) go utterly unanswered after viewing possibly one of the strangest and most awful science fiction films ever made.

Amber T (nl) wrote: Fritz Lang knew what people liked to watch and film is still missing him. This film allows us to see the hunt for a murder from the press prospective. Very creative and actually rather funny! A fun movie to watch filled with brilliant actors.

Keenan S (br) wrote: Sadly, this was to be the last film made by film-maker, Kenji Mizoguchi before dying. But at least he went out with a great film, especially one that touches on his usual themes. In fact, this film was so powerful that it's considered to be one of the reasons why prostitution was banned in Japan shortly after its release.The story focuses on a group prostitutes working in a brothel called Dreamland, and each has their own personal problems to deal with, while the country's politicians are also debating the issue of prostitution which could ruin their livelihood. Hanae is a married woman with a child, whose husband is unemployed and depressed, Mickey is the new girl in the brothel who is very cynical and only cares about herself, Yumeko is a widow and an older prostitute whose son wants nothing to do with her, Yorie wants to get married and leave the brothel, and Yasumi is the most respected and profitable of the prostitutes who is saving up to buy her way out of the brothel, while also stringing along a man who wants to marry her, but is only using him for money.Despite having a fairly short running time of 80-odd-minutes, Street Of Shame manages to develop its characters quite well. No one feels like a cardboard cutout as the film explores their issues and how they live their lives from day to day, not knowing what will come next as their profession is possibly about to be outlawed and not knowing what to do with themselves. I especially enjoyed how the tormented Yumeko character was developed as her life slowly falls apart after her own son disowns her. There's a great deal of emotion and turmoil to be found in the story, and you can't help but feel sympathy for these characters because the script does such a good job at developing them.The acting is also pretty good, though actresses Aiko Mimasu (Yumeko) and Machiko Kyo (Mickey) steal the show with their roles, even though their characters are polar opposites of one another. The cast as a whole is also quite good and each makes their character feel alive and never lets them fall into the pitfalls other characters would in lesser dramas.While not his most polished work, Street Of Shame is still a fantastic film that is well worth watching and a fitting sendoff for the underrated director. It's a film that will make you feel a wide range of emotions as you follow each of the troubled characters and you will be engaged from beginning to end.

Marcus W (ag) wrote: Everything you would expect from a 90's stoner teen horror comedy.

Timothy J (it) wrote: I must have seen this movie 100 times as a kid.

Adam R (kr) wrote: An interesting science fiction film that was worth seeing once. Fairly odd and outdated now though. (First and only viewing - 7/5/2008)