Mr. Wong, Detective

Mr. Wong, Detective

A chemical manufacturer is killed just after asking detective James Wong to help him. So Detective Wong decides to investigate this as well as two subsequent murders.

When a chemical manufacturer is killed after asking detective James Wong to help him, Wong investigates this and two subsequent murders. He uncovers a international spy ring hoping to steal... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mr. Wong, Detective torrent reviews

Jamie C (br) wrote: Not nearly as good as the previews look

ankush j (it) wrote: doesn't deliver on it's high promises.. it just a simple story. shady production. there are few laugh out loud moments.. but most humor is subtle ad sure not what it posses to be. its outright dumb and not so funny!!

Dean G (fr) wrote: Both chilling and disturbing in equal measure, that something this crap can be bankrolled and produced.

Dominic B (br) wrote: Cracker; 'bout time I saw a decent film. Thought it could well be shite as the "film critics" gave it upwards of 95% and as we all know "film critics" are even more stupid than the general public!!!Good story, good acting, no stereotyping and quite down to earth - I well liked it.

travain w (us) wrote: me don't like this movie it

Darren W (fr) wrote: Ray Romano, Kevin James and Juliet Lewis and it is still flat. An early role for Sofia Vergara from Modern Family playing a post-op transsexual makes it vaguely interesting.

Dean K (jp) wrote: So they almost did a carbon copy plot of the first, so it becomes very predictable and the twists are no surprise at all. Then do it with a smaller budget, lesser known actors and make it no way near as sexy as the first. If you liked the first one a lot this is a cheap imitation. It's not a bad thriller, but if you have seen the first there are no surprises to be had. Otherwise it's ok viewing if you like thrillers.

Eliel L (gb) wrote: Una pelcula familiar que resulta ser entretenida, conservado las caractersticas de la original pero teniendo sus propios problemas.

Samuel C (mx) wrote: This is what happens when you make a rushed movie.

Stefan T (mx) wrote: Big thumbs up, it's more of a romantic drama with humour and this is better than Kevin Smith's R-rated movies.

Yoav S (ru) wrote: Great acting by Alain Delon and Jeanne Moreau... the tragic consequences for obsessive search after one's alter ego.

Jonathan M (fr) wrote: There's a lot in this movie from Louis Malle to like in its portrayal of the ways in which a young man is caught up in the allure of fascism. There is also, unfortunately, more than a few unintentionally hilarious moments (the giant bread that gets its own chair, the "I brought you this" moments where animal carcasses are tossed onto tables).

Ryan K (ag) wrote: Some of the most well directed actors in a very fall short film with very little to no direction.

Michael W (gb) wrote: From a visual standpoint, great. Story standpoint, not so much. Way too many homages to the first movie and too much military nonsense.