Mrs. Harris

Mrs. Harris

Based on the sensational 1980s media event, famed cardiologist Herman Tarnower meets a particularly brutal end at the hands of his jilted lover, Jean Harris.

Based on the sensational 1980s media event, famed cardiologist Herman Tarnower meets a particularly brutal end at the hands of his jilted lover, Jean Harris. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John T (gb) wrote: I really loved this one. It's like the plot of Pandorum with the look of Tetsuo the Iron Man. It's complete Cyber Punk. I really think I saw a very similar plot in an Outer Limits once. This one is about a man who wakes up with no memories. He slowly tries to piece together what has happened in this new foreign world. The people in this world have become mutants and are feeding on the survivors. The hero finds a young lady who helps him survive (yes, this is exactly like Pandorum, but it looks a lot different). The look of it is gritty and dark. It's dirty and has an almost black and while look to it, but you see glimpses of color at times. The style of this one was overwhelming. Yes, they probably could have done a bit better, made the plot a little more understandable. But this was pretty damn good. As for the Plot: SPOILERS: From IMDB: "Imagine that the tree is the tree of life and the tree of knowledge, it also represents the whole natural world itself by way of the Nordic myth of Yggdrasil. The society believes that it can harvest the tree, "exploit it", without any ill consequences. In other words, that we can use our knowledge, the resulting power structures of society and the natural environment around us without sacrificing anything in the process. However, by using the knowledge and power of the tree society is being affected by the tree itself, people are changing, the worldtree is exacting a cost for everything it gives. In response to these changes those in power have decided to keep the ill effects of the tree a secret, to exploit the workers as they had previously intended to exploit the tree. They cover up the mutations of the workers by sacrificing them to maintain the power of the tree, creating a closed loop that maintains the status quo. Through this method they believe they can control the tree without having it change their society, without facing the reality that their old way of life is over and they need to adapt to a new reality.However, they are unable to keep control. The workers revolt, the mutations spread. Tolbiac, a guard sent to quell the worker revolts, turns out to be the first human compatible with the mutation process that the tree begins in everyone who stays in contact with it. He wakes nearly naked, cold and having forgotten who he is. Like a child having been born from the tree itself, or like someone going through a horrible mind-altering mutation and stuck in a low oxygen environment. Instead of turning into a brute savage like the others, he becomes a hybrid, able to contain the powers of the tree and parts of his humanity. If the tree is life and knowledge, Tolbiac is the representation of what humanity must become, a child of divine power who is still human at the same time. However, in undergoing these changes Tolbiac finds this new primal side of his personality impossible to control at times. The rape scenes in red were what his animal side wanted; the nice kissing stuff was how his human side was interpreting what was going on -we're not sure which actually happened -and neither is Tolbiac I am guessing that by the fact that he seemed unaware of what happened, and the fact that Tolbiak seemed horrified. You see, Inside the elavator, Tolbiac is overcome by primal urges for the first time, having flashbacks of his blackout with the Architect and realizes that he had killed him. In this state, he feels part of his humanity slip away in a roar, only to calm down. He then begins to act on the lust he feels for the botanist, first acting tenderly, then brutally as he makes sexual advances on her. When they finish, Tolbiac cannot work out if his mental flashes during sex that depicted rough sex with the botanist were not just in his head. Perhaps while they had started with mutual attraction, in his fugue state he assaulted her. Under control of himself again, Tolbiac weakly tries tell her that he was not himself, and she (reluctantly?) goes with him when the elevator breaks down." "He left the woman because she was changing into one of the mutants. She returns below so she doesn't spread the virus.The sap from the tree was supposedly an energy source being tapped by the Eden Log Corporation to provide power for the city. However, what Eden Log was actually doing was taking immigrants underground under the pretext of working in the refinery (this is why you had that "You will be offered full citizenship as a reward for your help" recording at the start of the movie) and using them to feed the tree by hanging them in those cages among the roots. Things started to go wrong when the tree begins to attack the genuine refinery workers and anyone venturing down into the lower levels begins to become mutated. Some of the scientists working on the project begin to rebel and the whole refinery descends into chaos.At the end, the hero sacrifices himself by fusing with the tree and let it feed off him, which allows it to begin growing out of control and engulf the city. " OR: "b) when he is with the botanist and he riggs him to the tree - he reverses the process in the tree - the botanist says that the tree has always been sterile - i'm guessing if he can reverse he process he can eventually make the cycle reverse so much the tree will die - so at the end of the film when he jams the roots into himself - the tree regenerates and grows so much and then dies - as seen with the city lights going out.

Patrick L (mx) wrote: This was not that good of a film.

Thomas K (de) wrote: I hadn't seen this for a good long while and I had forgotten exactly how intriguing the plot is, and just how visually arresting it is. Kick ass.

Nels N (ca) wrote: Ah, young people. Fun, funny, heartbreaking adventure for most of the way, but gets a little sentimental at the end. Good job by Sara Rue.

Sophie Y (es) wrote: I can't really remember, I saw it 12 years ago maybe... But don't remember it being anything special.

Adam A (jp) wrote: Though being a well-acted movie by its cast, "Now And Then" falls into the nothingness with a highly forgetable story, that leads you nowhere, really.

Ken D (mx) wrote: Kind of a bland movie as this seems to be more for the kiddies. Wasn't that bad, but I had a hard time getting into it.

Rico Z (kr) wrote: This is a pretty remarkable achievement as far as disaster films are concerned. It actually has an engaging story that doesn't necessarily revolve around the Great Quake of 1906, yet it feels urgent and ominous as the events that you watch all lead up to that inevitable climax. Also, the special effects are pretty amazing considering that this film was made a mere 30 years after the real-life events it's depicting. Definitely worth a watch!

Harrison G (it) wrote: great movie it was funny sad all in one movie

Brody M (fr) wrote: Not great at all but it was creepy & it might be worth watching if you're looking for a horror flick to watch on a dark rainy night or Halloween.Other then that....... I don't think it's something you'll be watching more then once.After you're done watching it, You'll probably forget what you just watched.Don't Go In The House is a movie I wouldn't pay to see but if you get a chance to see it for free then you might as well go for it

Heidi P (us) wrote: Love Channing Tatum He is so Hot But I thought this movie was not so great

James B (gb) wrote: whereas I enjoyed Divorce Italian Style a lot, I really didn't enjoy this one much at all. it seemed to consciously follow the same formula as the former while not living up to the same level of quality or hilarity. also, the premise just wasn't as good to begin with, and probably took away from my enjoyment.

Joetaeb D (fr) wrote: There is enough old school gore, intrigue and freaky moments to make Hostel worth the watch and become a cult classic among horror fans, that is if you have a strong stomach and willing to cope with it all