Singleton Kartar Singh is left with the responsibility of raising his two orphaned nephews. He asks his brother in Punjab to raise Charan and his sister in London to raise Karan. When the twins cross continents, they leave behind a trail of confusion.

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Kester E (us) wrote: The Warring States falls short of spectacular but the overall product is worth the watch.

Carrie T (it) wrote: Wreck-it-Ralph is clever, heartfelt, and smart enough to make anyone who watches it to fall in love with it.

Tyson W (mx) wrote: Actually, quite surprisingly bad. Derivative, uninteresting, incoherent, poorly-acted. Bizarrely, given the theme and tone - *no* sex scenes.

Kimberly H (br) wrote: I enjoyed this movie. It inspires girls and tells them that they can do anything. I cried a little bit during this film. There are parts in the film not suitable for young girls/children. Overall this movie to me has been one of the best i've seen this year.

Frances H (ru) wrote: Great thriller based on one of my favorite Hitchcock classics, but the updating is terrific, with very good acting.

Tom B (gb) wrote: What's wrong with this movie can be summed up by the scene after the Battle of Waterloo. It's beautifully photographed, vivid, full of extras and you don't believe for a second that these artfully posed corpses are really dead. The parts of Vanity Fair are far greater than the whole.As a whole the characters are unlikeable and stupid in their inability to see what's obvious to the viewer. Jonathan Rhys Meyers smirks and is sullen. Rhys Ifans character, dull, but with a heart of gold, keeps the hairdresser busy as he changes styles constantly. The only character you like is Rawdon Crawley, but his failure to kowtow to his rich relatives dooms him and he dies offscreen. Witherspoon is two hours of plucky, it gets old very quickly.Don't waste your time, spend it in rereading Thackeray's masterpiece.

Chris R (de) wrote: While 'GoldenEye' was a high mark in the Bond legacy, it hasn't exactly aged all that well since 1995. I've actually been more fond of the 1997 sequel 'Tomorrow Never Dies' as it had a much more modern take on Bond and while it's missing a few key elements that would put it over the top it still manages to be an entertaining film. Pierce Brosnan was always a Bond I had mixed emotions for. On the one hand, he was the Bond I grew up with and saw his films through most of my early life. On the other hand however, he only seems to represent the image of 007 rather than portraying him well and this hurts him more in his later films. One of the best aspects of the film is actually Michelle Yeoh who throughout the movie actually does better than Bond in some scenes and she's also a strong independent woman to boot which is rarer than you'd think in a 007 film. The villain this time around is a Steve Jobs-like and while he is a much more believable character than previous bad guys he really isn't all that interesting and is very rarely threatening. The action scenes are top notch as is the norm during the Brosnan age, with lots of machine guns and 'splosions to make any action junkie happy. The action however is the main downfall of most of Brosnan's Bond films because they rely way too often on the action rather than story which I didn't expect from Bond that often, but it is nice to see. Overall, 'Tomorrow Never Dies' is a good film and in some ways outdoes its predecessor, but it chooses style over substance and it ends up making me wanting more from it. It is worth checking out and I may have sounded a little too harsh about it but I still think it's good.

Louise C (jp) wrote: I feel like this movie flitted from one scene of torture and mistreatment to another without focusing too much on any one character which led me to feel rather detached from the story and the people in it. It's rather ironic since detachment is how many people who lived through that coped with their horrific everyday existence. Still, it's a great story and a great cast, and I did enjoy the singing. I think my two favorite scenes were when the guards were gonna break up their first concert and were so captivated by the music that they listened to it instead and of course when that officer took Glen Close into the woods so he could sing a song to her!

Samuel F (au) wrote: Surprisingly underwhelming. While it offers a couple of good performances and has an interesting premise, the film's not scary, has several problems with its writing, adds to the list of found footage films with weak endings and is pretty forgettable and boring. If you really really enjoy found footage, you can give "Man Bites Dog" a try, but otherwise give it a skip.

Auttie R (au) wrote: A great cast. This is one of my All- time favorites! I highly recommend this film!

Miguel A (gb) wrote: Em grande parte dos casos, um filme de boxe s comea a rolar realmente a partir do momento em que nos leva com o seu crescendo glorioso, desde o primeiro modesto combate at ao grande duelo que ope os dois homens mais duros no desporto. muito prprio do filme de boxe aquela alucinante montagem de um k.o. aps o outro, que nos aumenta a "pica" ao mesmo tempo que nos faz acreditar cada vez mais no heri. "Fat City" quase atraioa esse fundamento do filme do boxe ao no acumular glrias para os seus protagonistas. Esses que alis at parecem demasiado instveis para cumprirem at ao fim qualquer trajecto. Aqui muito mais a vida que d porrada em dois homens que, no fundo, at vo para dentro do ringue para despistar uma dor interior trocando-a por outra mais superficial. Tal como o pugilista fica com a cabea roda depois de sofrer uma rpida combinao de socos, tambm o passo de "Fat City" cambaleia em sintonia com o sentimento dos seus protagonistas nem sempre muito preparados para o que a realidade lhes traz. Stacy Keach e um muito jovem Jeff Bridges fazem-nos crer na dor que existe do outro lado, e este deve ser um dos poucos filmes de boxe em que a maior parte da dor sentida no grande ringue e no naquele que limitado pelas cordas.

Bpbby Y (nl) wrote: Although this movie has a lot of plot holes when you think about it afterwards, its a great movie for the moment. It has little to no gore which is quite good for new horror movie go~ers . I enjoyed the movie and thought it was good but not great for someone who is a die hard horror movie fan or for people who don't want to walk out of the room and theorise.