Much Too Shy

Much Too Shy

A simple handyman, who also is an amateur artist, gets into trouble when the head and shoulders portraits of some prominent local females are sold without his knowledge to an advertising agency and are published with nude bodies added to them.

A handyman and amateur artist gets into trouble when nude female bodies are added to the heads he has drawn of prominent ladies, and are sold as soap adverts. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandra A (fr) wrote: Very cool old fashion martial arts thriller.Highly entertaining!Well done Keanu!

Steve R (kr) wrote: Completely mental, but good fun. Drags a bit at the end.

Khaled H (us) wrote: coming of age drama/romance about second chances but in this case lost again, the only thing made it worth watching is the performance of Ed Harris and Annette bening

Shmags Z (mx) wrote: talkin abt the hindi version...a bit more arty...othrwise a preeety gud fare!

Gerch R (ca) wrote: scenar en bois, FX en carton, Navet en beton :)

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (it) wrote: A good idea, but the story didnt hold up, and it made it just boring ad bad...

Mike S (fr) wrote: Bill Maher doing what he does best, sparking controversy, but also sparking a difficult conversation to have with people. Maher always has been the middle man, doesn't believe in God, but also doesn't mind hearing what people have to say about faith and why they are religious. An entertaining documentary.

Shel S (us) wrote: Chazz Michael Michaels

Eric L (ag) wrote: Entertaining like Mean Girls.

Christine S (jp) wrote: Yowza! What a sexy movie! It's ridiculous and over-the-top. No self-respecting serious cinephile will admit to watching this smoldering hormonal romantic period fantasy. The ending is a bit abrupt and too neat. There are several things that make no sense. There are holes everywhere. Everything in this movie existed with the sole purpose of making silly romantics swoon. I LOVED IT. Sexy, romantic, and absurd. I swooned the entire time. Sophie Marceau is an absolute goddess, and Stephan Dillane did a good job delivering the pained tortured romantic lead. Good chemistry between these two.

Kirk E (kr) wrote: A decent little remake of "The Treasure of Sierra Madre", although the script is a bit cliche-ridden.

LiGan K (es) wrote: Vraiment eu du mal avec ce film. Kung-fu, oui. Voler et marcher sur l'eau, c'est non.

Kyle B (us) wrote: David Tennant is a fine Hamlet (although, like most actors who take on the role, a little too old), but Sir Patrick Stewart knocks it out of the park as both Claudius and the Ghost.

Robb S (gb) wrote: Campy gross-out fun. Better than most modern cheep-o monster movies. I'll take cheep practical effects over cheep CG effects any day.

Rosario G (mx) wrote: An avant-garde postcard cinematically spoken in a simply sublime style.

Ryan T (it) wrote: How good is Airplane!? It is the standard by which all spoof films are measured and many of its classic jokes are still quoted in pop culture and by everyone's parents or grandparents, and don't call me Shirley.

Richard B (es) wrote: wow, an actually decent film. I was so surprised. No its not perfect, but its so much better than a large majority of sci-fi films from that period that its just amazing. Goes along with Thing from Another Planet

Adam R (es) wrote: The cool opening credits lead us to believe that we are in for something special, but everything soon falls apart. This is a terrible movie with particularly bad acting. I especially couldn't stand Angelina Jolie. I tried giving it a second chance after ten years, and it is even worse this time around. (First viewing - December 2004 in theaters)

Graham M (gb) wrote: It's as predictable as hell but Williams carries the film.

Kiel C (br) wrote: It's good but I never liked the final 30 minutes. The sequel is better. Pretend they solved the murder with the shootout at the pimps house then move on to the next film.