Two teenage boys encounter a fugitive and make a pact to help him escape from an island in the Mississippi.

Two young boys encounter a fugitive and form a pact to help him evade the vigilantes that are on his trail and to reunite him with his true love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kong M (ru) wrote: Finally, a gangster movie about the Asian underworld. Too bad it leaves the audience watching from the outside in, rather than experiencing the emotional roller coaster for themselves. It lacks conviction, emotion, loyalty, and even worse common sense and reasoning in most cases with a horrible script that leads to nowhere. Makes me wonder what could have been, if Martin Scorsese's actually directed this.

Felicia N (jp) wrote: If you are familiar with Lars Von Trier or Dogma movie, this would be very very funny to you!!

Countess N (br) wrote: 9 June 2011 I watched this again...its so crap i always forget what its about...never again...NEVER AGAIN!

Kurt F (au) wrote: 9/16/12 This movie is simply aweful. I only got through the first 36 minutes before I couldn't stand it anymore. I fast forwarded to the end and watched the last 10 minutes. I is basically just a bunch of people sitting around, yelling and arguing with each other. I don't understand how any of it is funny at all. It is just yelling.

Pamela K (jp) wrote: where can I get this movie?

familiar s (jp) wrote: This serial-killer TV film by HBO is an incredible piece of work. It has almost all the required elements of its genre in adequate proportion. Although it takes a limited number of cinematic liberties, it's done only to heighten the effect, and it works big time.The brilliantly outstanding performance by Stephen Rea is one of the best performances I've ever come through. His portrayal of his character Burakov is very realistic. He literally feels life into his character. Donald Sutherland could have done better, IMHO.All in all, it's a great movie based on real events, and any fan of this genre shouldn't miss it.

Erin S (br) wrote: This series is back to being fascinating again, and I just can't wait until I get to see 42 up.

Brad S (de) wrote: I really couldn't get into this sci-fi film from famed director Stanley Donen("Singin in the Rain"). It seems like it is just trying to ride the space movie wave after "Star Wars" but doesn't work at all. I was intrigued by the cast which is why I decided to try it with Kirk Douglas, Farrah Fawcett and Harvey Keitel. The story is just too weak and the performances aren't great either. Skip it!

Gary H (ca) wrote: Charlie Chaplin as a married man who supports his family by marrying and killing women. Because of Charlie's leftist leanings the film was not a success and Charlie was forced to leave the US. He only returned once, in 1977 to receive a honourary Oscar.

Katya E (fr) wrote: Completely absurd, but surprisingly prescient.

Frances H (ag) wrote: I really liked this film, that says a lot about humanity under inhumane conditions. Great performances by Stewart and Moadi.

Quincy T (au) wrote: Girls' fear of getting wet. The Drownsman has a few nice concepts, while they might not be novel, these are still intriguing to some degree. It creates a good visual with simple use of water and contrasting light. The characters are predictable in their looks or bad decisions, yet surprisingly audiences could warm up to them. If there's anything that hampers the movie, it dives too much to the genre familiarities, to the point that some scenes are near identical with other horror flicks. Madison (Michelle Mylett) has awkward accident as she slips in a pier and nearly dies from drowning. As she wakes up she is haunted by an entity that dwells on water. Things escalate as her friends try to perform faux cleansing and unwittingly share the cursed stalking. The movie protagonists consist of all female, almost like a sorority in jeopardy. Acting is decent overall, and it's good to say that the movie treats its cast with appreciation, it doesn't put them on bras and panties and splash some water on them, even though it has all the excuses to do so. The lead Michelle Mylett is pretty good, although these girls can be interchangeable at times. The personalities don't stand out much, they are what audiences would expect from any horror films. You'd have the lead who is a victim and her skeptical friends, eventually they all run and scream the same. In fact The Drownsman borrows many other aspects from previous works like Final Destination or Friday the 13th. There's a random puddle, it may be a trap put by psychopath ghost to trip someone and brutally drown them.Some of the scenes might not hit the mark, especially those which inspired by genre clichs such as ignored premonition or creepy warning by equally creepy characters. They come across as a tad silly, furthermore the logic isn't exactly neatly constructed. The antagonist might appear literally from a spill, but then again human body is mostly water, what if someone pees or does it have to be normal water. So many questions unresolved to plot holes.While it's overly familiar and bizarre at some points, the movie looks good and it sprinkles enough mystery to pique audiences' curiosity, at least for a rental or movie night.

Alex V (au) wrote: Fun concept with pretty animation. Still suffers from the usual anime tropes, such as characters who talk to nobody, and artificially sentimental moments whenever the hero and the leading lady are around each other for any extended amount of time. The action sequences are fast and brutal, wherein one false move means somebody's head gets sliced it two. The finale is a little weak. --6.5/10--