Two teenage boys encounter a fugitive and make a pact to help him escape from an island in the Mississippi.

While exploring a Mississippi River island, Arkansas boys Ellis and Neckbone encounter Mud, a fugitive who needs their help to evade the vigilantes that are on his trail and to reunite him with his true love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cheryl C (it) wrote: Girl Rising succeeds at being accessible, overwhelming, heartbreaking, inspiring, and beautiful. While I sometimes wished the statistical scenes, narrated by Liam Neeson, had included more agency for the girls in those scenes holding up signs and boxes, overall it was a powerful experience. The film takes you places in a responsible, informative way, leaving you full of motivation, and also provides you with some direction for that action.

Mike J (es) wrote: Love Ryan Dunn (r.i.p.) and bam but this movie was nothing too special

Kris V (it) wrote: Interesting since it's based on a true story of drug trafficking Hasidic Jews, this film has some great scenes and acting, but ultimately suffers from bad pacing and a somewhat dubious ending.

Amy W (au) wrote: To be honest, I was kind of disappointed on this movie. It's got very god performances, but the characters were a bit hard to relate to as most of them kept making mistakes that could have easily been avoided.

Danielle K (fr) wrote: This movie is very slow, and almost seems to have no point. It attempts to have some sort of revelation, but never gets there. It is basically centered around an alcoholic loser that just doesn't care about anything and is ridiculously stupid.

Scott W (ca) wrote: Very bad comedy. Interesting to see where Jake Gyllenhaal is now.

Sami L (kr) wrote: Two guys were speaking Finnish, but I didnt understand a single word they were saying. Halle Berry was hot.

Craig J (us) wrote: Really well made. Nice mood throughout. Very cryptic, which I like, but to the point of being slightly pretentious, like it's almost trying too hard to be cryptic. The Kristofferson scenes are a tad corny...

Jeff T (au) wrote: Consumerism point made with the grinch. Love it.

Joe S (de) wrote: The most well executed character driven, totally straight slapstick comedy I've seen. I feel as though these people are my friends (dazed and confused, also being one). I wish this movie would never end, and I still don't... each... and every... time.

Hernan T (jp) wrote: Una super-archi-mega produccin (una pelcula con un presupuesto cercano a los 2 millones de dlares -hay que tener en cuenta que Citizen Kane cost cerca de 600 mil dolares y Casablanca 1 milln), para mostrarnos las andanzas de un grupo de soldados britnicos en la India con un cuento con moraleja sobre el final. La pelcula nunca logra encontrar el tono adecuado para avanzar con la historia (es un drama, una historia de aventuras o una comedia? Nunca sabremos qu quiso hacer el director). Ms que avanzar, la narracin va dando tumbos hacia adelante entre escenas cmicas y escenas de batalla que nunca llegan a desarrollarse completamente. Llegando al final uno se pregunta si realmente era necesario esperar 2 horas para llegar al "mensaje que la pelcula quera transmitir". Mejor hubiera sido contarlo en un cortometraje y nos ahorrabamos los gastos de produccin.

Brandon B (gb) wrote: Fairly routine actioner here. As the cast and marketing features would suggest, this is a fairly typical action type film popularized since the 80s. If you're looking for some enjoyable entertainment where you can relax and turn your brain off, then Escape Plan is a fairly decent movie to watch. If your looking for thoughtful and intelligent story telling, this movie is likely not your movie. For some good old fashioned fun action from two of the genres' legends, this movie will meet general expectations.

Tim R (jp) wrote: Droll, cynical, funny, shocking and a work of art. Dead Man resets the Western and freely tosses the cliches into the campfire. Jarmusch's most sustained masterwork...