When she discovers that her favorite singer, Ravi, has been accused of murder, Bharti (Jaya Pradha), a loyal fan, is determined to uncover the conspiracy against the great performer. As she searches for clues that might lead her to the real culprit of the crime, Bharti consults close friends and relatives of Ravi, but quickly realizes the plot against him is much deeper than she suspected -- and only she can clear his name.

Student at law Bharti lives a wealthy lifestyle in India along with her widower and blind dad. She is a fan of singer/dancer, Ravi Shankar Singh and attends his music concert. Afterwards ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Muddat torrent reviews

Dyron W (ca) wrote: For a Good Time, Call is funny, yet very uneven.

Movie B (nl) wrote: SImply one of the worst movies ever made. Argento should be ashamed.

Nick D (ca) wrote: Very nicely mounted documentary case in favor of remix culture. I knew most of the factual info already, but the value came in experiencing folks directly involved, esp GIRL TALK and the Brazilian experience with anti-copyright. Really great audio too, but of course.

Kristen K (fr) wrote: weirdest worst movie i've even seen can't believe it got made so weird

Kevin S (kr) wrote: A woman that makes crossword puzzles in a newspaper gets set up on a blind date with a cameraman that works for the news. She likes to talk alot and annoys him and the date ends with him trying to be nice and inviting her to go with him on a trip where he has to go report some news. Not really meaning For her to do it unluckily for him she ends up following him around and he tries to get away from her. Sandra Bullock is iffy to me. Some movies she is really good and others she is bad. And here she is downright awful. I get it she is suppose to be annoying but she over does it. Her acting in here is terrible and not even remotely close to being funny. I sometimes wonder how she became an actress. Thomas Haden Church is the only one who you get a couple chuckles from. The story to me is absolutely stupid. A woman that follows a guy around who she thinks is in love with her? She runs towards him and falls down a coal mine and becomes a hero when she saves a girl they forget to get that was down there earlier and is now with her? This movie is awful. Please stay away unless you want to watch your brain cells waste away.

The Movie G (de) wrote: Dumb movie, but in a funny way. But by no means is this a good movie at all.

Nadja A (jp) wrote: I often wondered how the documentary filmmakers chose the shown scenes because sometimes they were far from neutral (all those outdoor scenes where the public stares at the shown teenagers or smoking children to imply Marie comes from a bad neighbourhood) My favourite parts of this documentary were the musical rehearsals in the Berlin Philharmonic. Sir Simon Rattle was wonderful and to see which instrument plays which musical notes in Le Sacre du Printemps was mind-blowing!

Arun S (au) wrote: Stunning images------Beautifully filmed

Scottie T (us) wrote: EdTV! i know this movie doesn't seem like it deserves 4 stars, but it really does. i was expecting way, way worse than the ratings on here. a 63% from critics that isn't fresh isn't all that great, neither is a 29%. and it deserves way higher because it is entertaing, has a great performance from matthew mcgaunahey, it is funny in most scenes, but some do fall flat with unfunny cheese and extremly childish jokes that get a little and annoying and some characters can be annoying in ways too, but not in a great way, in a jar jar binks type of way. not like someone you love to hate. and it is hollywood saturated in alot of it, but i cant get over the fact that it really appealed to me, and i thought was entertaining and had a solid performance from matthew mcaunahey that was both comedic and dramatic. i reccomend this movie!

J R (mx) wrote: Lovely women's lingerie and Beauty things frilly and girly ! What's not to love. . mmm really good time! !

Fabio V (fr) wrote: This movie is a great example of what could be actually happening in our government and we don't even know it.

Connor S (mx) wrote: Still funny but not very great partly because of the overly long jokes and ridiculous plot and characters.

Niklas S (fr) wrote: There is almost nothing better than seeing Mifune and Katsu go toe to toe in this epic classic. After I watched this again for the third time I felt like rewatching the rest Zatoichi movies. So that is what I will do for this upcoming month. Big up! to Zatoichi one of the greatest heroes to hit asian cinema.

Nicki M (ca) wrote: Average. I watched it, and I found it okay to watch once, but definitely not something to re watch. Michael Douglas I have never been a fan of, and he's totally decrepit and kind of an ass here, so difficult to be cheering him on as a romantic hero. Diane Keaton is fine. She does seem to play the same character over and over, though. I didn't like a lot of the supporting characters. Those screaming little boys, honestly, I'm surprised it was the dog he shot at. The chain smoking old hag and the ex druggie son. I don't even get what that little plot was doing in the movie. The grand daughter was okay. I also didn't really buy that he was loaded, but he wanted to live in that tiny apartment with the screaming kids (ditto new baby - btw, the birth scene also did not belong and could have done without it. Seriously why?? The mother was barely a character and it added nothing to the story). and this after he "got" Diane. Ffs, use your money and buy a house! Hmmm... It was you can see, a few things annoyed me. An older audience might enjoy.

Sam M (au) wrote: Just a good old must see crime film set in context of the Irish in Hell's Kitchen.