A man can no longer tolerate injustice and corruption and he becomes a vigilante to fight for a better society.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Tamil,Telugu
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:mask,   superhero,   vigilante,  

A hopeless young man uses his "Kung-fu" skills and mask to tackle a bank robbery group without revealing his identity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Samuel B (fr) wrote: Pop Redemption : Rare sont les films o l'esprit rock est roi, et quand c'est le cas c'est souvent trs bon, voir culte (ex: Good Morning England). Alors ici pas un grand film mais un film o le rock est matre ! Quelque soit sa nature, c'est--dire de la pop au black mtal surtout, Le hellfest tant un lieu majeur de l'intrigue du film. Le quatuor men par un Julien Dor, habit et excellent, fonctionne merveille. Les quiprocos s'accumulent pour notre plus grand plaisir et l'enttement du groupe rester dans leur rpertoire "mtaleux" face une pop beatnik donne de trs bons gags. Une petite comdie en soit mais un film qui redonne la pche pour tout rockeur qui se respecte. A noter que la musique, quelle qu'elle soit, est excellente. Note : 7,5/10

Rambo k (au) wrote: Was looking forward to watching some familar UFC fighters but they really need to give them some acting lessons first. Couldn't even make it half way, had to shut it off, just to painful to watch

James S (jp) wrote: Critics gave "The Tortured" a 6% rating. Who can I slap for that. This movie deserves 100%. This movie falls under my top 25 greatest movies of all time. If you are the type of movie fan who likes Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, One missed Call, then please stop reading my review. If you enjoy sophisticated movies such as, Saw, The Devil Inside, or The Last Exorcism, you must and I mean you must watch this movie.

Sterlin R (ag) wrote: A solid reboot that isn't as good as Spider-Man 1 & 2, but it has good acting and very good action.

Kevin L (ru) wrote: A meta comedy murder mystery extravaganza

Marissa M (it) wrote: I finally got to see the movie and I loved it. Great cast and story line.

Deidra R (nl) wrote: One amazing and classic thriller! Very freaky and exciting in some points!!!

Brian M (us) wrote: Here is yet another gay themed movie that falls flat by playing out obvious homosexual sterotypes. It seems that everyone in this movie dislikes fags except for the two main charactors and one girl, who is your sterotypical fag hag. You have the closeted teen homosexual, the confused homosexual, the fag hag, the bashers, and, your typical closeted married homosexual. Not to mention the oblivious family and friends. I don't know, I just found it all kind of been there, done that. It didn't offer up anything fresh or new. Certainly nothing to get excited about. However, the acting in the movie was decent, and I was kind of routing for the main charator, but, the rest of the movie did nothing for me. Just when I thought there might be a tender moment between the main charactor in his love interest, the creator of the movie has to do the typical. And, that was to make the love interest bash the fag to impress his so called friends, and avoid outing himself. I was hoping for a happy ending to this film. But, there was none. Unless you want to call a fag hag getting her drivers liscence a happy ending. Well, there you go.

Russell W (br) wrote: knock off of pulp fiction in style and parts of the plot. Its entertaining despite not being a very good film.

Stephen H (gb) wrote: A great doc about a great architect

Mylek H (ag) wrote: One of the funniest movies i ever scene. Brain Candy is a smart comedy from the Canadian comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall. This is one of those "get it or you don't" type of movies. If you're the type of person who is into race jokes and a whole bunch of swearing, this movie isn't for you. Roritori pharmaceutical is in trouble and they need a new product. Chris Cooper (Kevin Mcdonald) invents a drug that cures depression. But Chris and his team aren't done testing the drug. But if Chris said, "The drug isn't ready", Don Roritori (Mark Mckinney) would have shut down their lab. Soon many people start using the drug. The fame Cooper has gets to his head. Later he figures out that the drug can put people into comas. He has to stop people from using the drug before its too late. The "Kids" play many funny and outrageous characters and some from The Kids in the Hall Television show, like The Cops and the White-Trash couple (Bruce McCulloch, Mark Mckinney). Scott Thompson plays a man who is in denial about being homosexual, and David Foley plays a corporate yes-man. This movie gets a 5 out of 5. Only if David Foley was in the movie more. This movie is recommended for Kids in the Hall fans and anyone who likes smart comedy.

Adam R (ag) wrote: (First and only viewing - 8/31/2010)

Ralph G (ru) wrote: Good wholesome family movie not preachy but respectful of faith.Mildly entertaining with some laughs

Greg W (it) wrote: good western with randolph scott u know u get ur monies worth.

Peter B (fr) wrote: The cast is excellent but every other part of this movie is cheap. Robin Williams deserved better than this turd.

Harry W (nl) wrote: Everyone Says I Love You is another example of a Woody Allen film I knew nothing about before watching it, but as I had been recently disappointed by a streak of generic Woody Allen films I didn't have such high expectations.But I found myself rather pleased with the film due to its lighthearted nature and simple sense of glee. I mean, it isn't a perfect film because it has many of the elements found in every Woody Allen film, both positive and negative, but still it proved to be an entertaining film.The central problem in Everyone Says I Love You is that despite it being a Woody Allen film which usually keeps its central focus on one character while touching upon the surrounding people a little bit, Everyone Says I Love You has a lot of characters. Due to its ensemble cast, there are a lot of actors found in Everyone Says I Love You and Woody Allen tries to balance focus on all of them equally. It's an ambitious effort, but it is done to a fault because I was completely unable to tell who the main character in the movie was. Natasha Lyonne narrated the film so it is believable to say that she is the main figure, but considering the small amount of screen time she actually receives, it is difficult to support this. As the title suggests, perhaps there is no main character in Everyone Says I Love You as it is a story about everyone, but the story is constantly jumping between the focus of all the characters while trying to explain why they are important or what relevance they have to each other and it simply ends up rather scattered. Everyone Says I Love You is all over the place and is one of the more high profile Woody Allen films even though its still feels like a really small scale picture due to it being a Woody Allen film. And although it is a good film, the entertainment value is somewhat inconsistent due to it being all over the place.The story in Everyone Says I Love You is a little bit all over the place due to so many characters and the complicated relationships that they share which aren't precisely covered by the end of the film, but it is still an enjoyable film. Everyone Says I Love You feels like a cartoonish ode to both love and glamourous Hollywood musicals. And although romantic films and musical films aren't either of my favoured genres, I found that I really enjoyed Everyone Says I Love You. Although the actual development of its story isn't perfect, the way that it touches upon many characters and their approaches to love and romance is interesting precisely because they are a colourful bunch, and the romance in the film isn't melodramatic or unrealistically optimistic. Everyone Says I Love You is simply an easy film to watch and is an ambitious new step for Woody Allen, and thanks to his cleverly written script and firm direction he gives to the cast, it comes out shining as one of his much more entertaining films.Woody Allen isn't the lead role for once in Everyone Says I Love You. He has a small but pivotal role where he portrays his stereotypical nebbish character dealing with the formulaic romantic comedy story that he faces in most of his movies. But he knows what he's doing and performs in the role easily. He creates some humourous situations for himself which he acts out easily and convincingly and shares a fine chemistry with the other actors, in particular Julia Roberts. So his performance is terrific in Everyone Says I Love You.Julia Roberts is great to see in a Woody Allen film, particularly in her pre-Academy Award winning days when she had just become an international star. Seeing her in a low profile comedic role playing Woody Allen's love interest is interesting as it is both comic and dramatic at the right times, and Julia Roberts Captures the essence of the character easily and entertainingly. Julia Roberts' small supporting performance makes her a great addition to the cast in Everybody Says I Love You.Edward Norton is just terrific. His character is an awkward one, almost like a subtle nebbish, and his complicated relationship with Drew Barrymore's character as well as his youthful ignorance which he plays out to comic effect. I'm not too familiar with Edward Norton as a comedic actor, but his performance in Everybody Says I Love You is lighthearted and charming and just very admirable. It is great to see his charming versatility taking effect.And Drew Barrymore is an actress I have loved since childhood simply because of how naturally sweet she is. Any romantic comedy with her is one I am happy to see, and in Everybody Says I Love You she works Woody Allen's material into her natural demeanour very well. And her beautiful smile and natural sweet charm makes her a great counterpart to Edward Norton in Everybody Says I Love You, as well as a terrific addition to the cast.Natasha Lyonne's small supporting performance is a good one as well, and her narration of the film is a good element.Tim Roth's singing voice is one of the more surprising aspects of his performance in Everyone Says I Love You. It was odd for me to realise that it was actually him in the role because I'm so used to seeing him in hard hitting and rough edged material. So witnessing him in a lighthearted film like Everyone Says I Love You was good because it revealed his kind Alan Alda is a nice actor to have on board as well, and it is good to see a supporting effort from a young Natalie Portman as well.Lastly, Goldie Hawn is a nice touch in Everyone Says I Love You simply because of her infectious energy and the natural charm that comes with her beautiful smile and her way of interacting with other actors with wonderful ease. Goldie Hawn is a perfect asset to the lighthearted nature of Everyone Says I Love You.So although Everybody Says I Love You is a scattered film and is inconsistent in entertainment value, but the charms of its ensemble cast are undeniable and its lighthearted energy is simply infectious.

Art S (us) wrote: Orson Welles' first "essay film" -- not quite a documentary, not quite fiction -- helped herald in other works that crossed this line (by Werner Herzog especially, but also Mark Rappaport, Errol Morris, Michael Moore, and a steady stream of others). Godard was probably a progenitor but Welles is playing with his own legend as a faker (and the film feels sui generis), as well as focusing on two notorious "fakers", Elmyr de Hory (an art forger) and Clifford Irving (who faked Howard Hughes' autobiography) using found footage from another director. He also tries to prank us with a story focused on his romantic partner, Oja Kodar. The editing here is pretty incredible -- and not everything that seems to be, well true, is actually thus. Welles went on to make "Filming Othello" in this vein and one can only wish that he had had a chance to do more.

Matthew D (mx) wrote: Extremely well-crafted in the direction and plotting with a lot of creativity on display in the editing and photography, CGI stills stands up far better than The Incredible Hulk five years later and has more weight to it; but the audience is left wanting for Hulk! The film is mix of tones; there's nicely underplayed parts, resisting the temptation for a screaming damsel in distress for example, but hamminess too, two of the three antagnonists have some terrible dialogue, especially Bruce's father who would have been better served if less out and out bad and more morally ambiguous. The real downfall, however, is the human drama, which is hard to get emotionally invested in, much like the main character finds about his self. As such, what could have been a great comic-book movie is merely a decent one.

(au) wrote: I really liked this cute movie even if it was a bit predictable. Still I really liked it.