Mugana Sedu

Mugana Sedu


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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1980
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Mugana Sedu torrent reviews

Jeffrey U (jp) wrote: Disappointing. By a wide margin, the first film is the best. I tolerated the sequels but they fell short in a myriad of areas. This one is just bad. It gets 2 starts just due to the original Phantasm elements.

Maria C (gb) wrote: Not as good as the made it sound it to be, very inappropriate and very awkward

James C (us) wrote: Completely unwatchable and a waste of time. Total garbage.

David S (gb) wrote: If you can make it through an extremely lackadaisical first half hour, it's worth the set up.

Kurt B (es) wrote: An apocalyptic world with steampunk aesthetics and mutant zombies. What more could you want? A decent story would be a good place to start.

Ema R (fr) wrote: It was ok for an Amanda B. movie.

Blake P (mx) wrote: Trent (Vince Vaughn) is the friend you have that's only really fun if he's your friend. To fellow diners, gamblers, and lovers that pepper the room, he's an obnoxious extrovert with a bad habit of calling everything "money," of calling everyone "baby." He likes to loudly flirt with waitresses, to rowdily get into playful arguments with his pack of buddies. He's a riot, but he takes some getting used to, too; just meet him and you might find yourself exasperated by his unstoppable swagger. Most of the time, you want him around - he's the fun friend that makes you extra witty when in his presence. But for now, he's the last person Mike (Jon Favreau) needs. A struggling comedian trying to adjust from New York to Los Angeles, Mike is just getting over a brutal breakup with his girlfriend of six years. Though it's been six months since they last spoke, he can't seem to think of anything besides the relationship he was once a part of. He'd rather drown in his self-pity than move on, but Trent is determined that a couple of one-night-stands and couple of memorable flirtations will do him some good. Maybe he's right - but to Mike, looking for romance is about as appealing as competing in a triathlon on an empty stomach, fifty pounds overweight. But you can't turn down Trent's pep talks when he's determined, now can you? 1996's "Swingers," directed by Doug Liman and written by Favreau, is perhaps not the bromantic comedy I've made it out to be - I've only done so because this central story is the single piece of story really to be found amid its never-ending conversations. It's a talking movie of the "Chasing Amy" sort, concerned with the banter its characters participate in more than the coordination of something plot-driven. I don't have much of a problem with that so long as the talking's compelling and well-staged, and Favreau, fortunately, is a writer able to make restaurant booth exchanges and long-winded stories have luminosity that make the mundane more bewitching than the cinematic. That's a feat, too. Favreau, who wrote the screenplay with his close friends in mind, concocts characters and relationships that go beyond plain convincing - the characters are as unintentionally hilarious as they are effortlessly human, hardly a faux result of Screenwriting 101. And the actors do Favreau's writing justice; though his own performance as the film's focal lonelyheart is the best and most touching of "Swingers," Vaughn is spectacular as his loud-mouthed sidekick, Ron Livingston effective as the stable counter to Vaughn's Trent, and Heather Graham, who shows up during the film's finale, is a sweet, potential love interest worthy of Mike's vulnerabilities. "Swingers" is more a chatterbox than it is a straightforward comedy, drama, or romance, but get lost in the dialogue and you'll like the direction it takes you. Favreau's writing is as defiantly naturalistic as it is easily funny, Liman's direction breezy. And sidelined with Vaughn's charismatic, star-making turn, "Swingers" makes for a film of youthful cool we don't mind bowing down to.

Mark T (br) wrote: I half enjoyed this some what little known directorial debut from Murray.

Kyle B (it) wrote: A great Woody Allen movie with great performances from Allen but especially Mia Farrow who I've been mixed about in some of the other movies I've seen her in but she was almost unrecognizable in this role. Great score, writing, and cinematography too

Dolby W (us) wrote: A complete horror masterpiece. Not too be missed, but not for the faint of heart.

Lau H (mx) wrote: This is a sci-fi movie without any special effects, and it still beats 99% of the sci-fi movies. A movie only focus on dialogue between a few peoples, but its content is far greater than many other movies. Recommend to all sci-fi fans that have patient, and dare to try new thing, you will be rewarded after watching this movie.

Jayakrishnan R (ca) wrote: 64%Saw this on 16/11/16It's never too boring, but there's hardly any story in it nor can one find any satisfaction after watching it. The film's biggest drawback is that it fails to tell you why it exists, it seems to have no purpose.