Three unemployed friends kidnap JP, an affluent man, in a bid to make some quick money. But, they end up helping him instead. He then offers them jobs in Malaysia and his three daughters in marriage.

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Mugguru torrent reviews

Tamara B (es) wrote: Loved it! Great story and fantastic actors. Beautiful location too.

Marischa B (fr) wrote: Something new out of the closet, something you haven't seen before.Storyline - Its dark, the first horror movie coming out with a band singing rock/metal, what makes it dark is, you can see there is hardly smiles, hardly any happiness shown in this film. its just about stress, sex, depression, I won't call this Love at all.Effects - There were some special effects, video effects were pretty good, as they show their creativity on shooting music videos. as well as singing and playing instruments. Dialogue - The characters are so uncomfortable with each other like never seen before. Emily Browning who sang in this film was great, she is a great singer. overall the acting was dark and great.

Ajayesh S (jp) wrote: A good script gone bad in execution. Neil Nitin Mukesh comes off as a caricature of a Mumbai Tapori whereas Deepika looks out of place in the surroundings in which this movie is taken. The condescending attitude and resentment that both characters bear towards their upbringing doesn't redeem the movie in any fashion whatsoever. The songs are run-of-the-mill and the overall treatment is ordinary. The script had immense potential but in the end its all for naught as the movie goes down-hill right from the start.

Sharon A (br) wrote: I thought it was great!

Diego L (gb) wrote: The camera moves way too much.

Marvin T (fr) wrote: A dark and gritty reboot of the Batman movies, with a great cast and perfectly directed by Christopher Nolan.It might have been his first big budget movie, but didn't lose his directing voice in the process.

Emil K (nl) wrote: Interesting expirement of possibilities of digital-camera. Director Greg Harrison clearly has a eye to shoot film, but with actors he is mostly lost. This is a fillm in a serious need of better acting. Courtney Cox tries hard in a serious role, but falls short and James LeGros is just plain awful. His performance is just something from the school-play. Still November is not that bad at all. It has even some truly effective visual touches and couple nice moments insipired by David Lynch, whose work director Harrison is clearly in love with. Maybe next time he is more lucky with the actors too.

Susan G (gb) wrote: Three Kurdish musicians - a father and his two sons - travel to Iraq in search of the ex-wife of the father. The film blends tragedy with humor and hope, but, unlike a number of critical films from Iran, it does not attempt to paste on a "feel good" ending. A masterpiece.

teresa h (de) wrote: i love how they solve who done it

Anshul T (nl) wrote: Need I say anything!

Derrick C (br) wrote: A classic in the likes of Double Indemnity, skoldbjaerg's Insomnia, and diabolique. I would easily put this above all the films I just mention.

Gregory W (it) wrote: pretty much played out

Noname (kr) wrote: Pretty decent true story movie. A drama about drug dealers mainly with gangsta style. Many famous actors like Bruce Willis , Sharon Stone etc. Worth seeing.

Harry B (ru) wrote: The best, most uplifting film I have ever seen. The Rock has solved all my problems. GO MUSTANGS!!!!

Dammy G (ag) wrote: For a direct to video movie, this was damn good.