Muhalif baskan

Muhalif baskan


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Lisa G (br) wrote: Amazing! They could have called this "Prophesy", or did G.W. Jr. see this too and model himself accordingly? He must've fallen asleep near the end when the "Unelected" resigned.

Andee C (es) wrote: Incredible, and incredibly bad, but more incredible than bad, especially the fact that in this strange european village, there, seems to be either uneven bars, parallel bars, or a pommel horse, so kurt thomas can engage in some serious gymkata at any moment. the strange walled city of the insane a definitely highlight (that's where they have the strange log-like pommel horse btw)...

Augustine H (br) wrote: From today's point of view, this film just has nothing special. But it's made in 1927! For a silent picture, the plane battles are just amazing. The tragic ending is very touching as well.

Ilja S (us) wrote: While I enjoy watching it, it is still way too cheesy and brainless to take it serious. It has some good ideas, but the way the story is delivered is donwright awful.