Muhammad Ali: Through the Eyes of the World

Muhammad Ali: Through the Eyes of the World


"This is a kid who just said it. I'm the greatest - and he said it with poetry. And I don't mean just the poems that he wrote but with the poetic energy, the poetic spirit" - James Earl Jones. Through the eys of the world is a unique account of one of the great icons of the 20th century, told by family, friends and fans from all over the world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Muhammad Ali: Through the Eyes of the World torrent reviews

Deepak M (br) wrote: An actress auditioning for a role and the writer of the play, blur the lines between the play and reality

Shawn S (de) wrote: A very interesting look at the possibility of life on other planets.

Jenn Jenn J (gb) wrote: Monsanto is a crazy company... GMO is even scarier and crazier as it takes over what we eat and the world

Corey S (us) wrote: pretty good. its an old tv show. its got Mr.Gibbs from Pirates.

Private U (nl) wrote: Preciosa. Tiene partes de comedia, de drama,.... de todo. Y sobre todo, ese aire "casero"...

Jaeyoung L (ag) wrote: crazy but interesting story. based on a true story in Argentina

Alex W (de) wrote: this not as much of a comedy as i though it would be, but good story.

Dimitri C (fr) wrote: The ugly CGI effects don't fit at all with the draws. But "Sinbad' is sometimes very beautiful and the story is enough entertaining, thanks to its interesting vilain and some great ideas. Maybe one of the best dreamworks animated movie.

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jubilee m (jp) wrote: Totally a chick flick, but still enjoyable. Thing is you know how the story will end within the first 20 min ... Keeper for the girls in your life.

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Bill T (ru) wrote: Bit by bit, I find the Harry Palmer story growing weaker and weaker. The Ipcress File was brilliant, Funeral In Berlin was damn confusing. I wish I could say this was better than Funeral, but it really isn't as Billion Dollar Brain gives us a real pedestrian spy story, with none of the charms we're so used to seeing in these movies. Michael Caine is all right I suppose, but he's less human and more spy here I'm afraid.

Sondos S (mx) wrote: It started off nicely, but eventually I found it inconclusive.

Luke H (es) wrote: an early carry on, first with sid james this one surrounds the policeforce.

Mike B (mx) wrote: It was alright, but tried too hard for the emotions. It was no 'Remember the Titans'.

Max M (it) wrote: Funny. Creative. Triumphant and wild.

Michael S (it) wrote: Recommended by Sheryl Cope