In 2007 author Phillip Muirhouse was left alone in a haunted homestead called 'Monte Cristo'. He was there making a documentary that was to accompany his latest book. He also broke the rule...

In 2007 author Phillip Muirhouse was left alone in a haunted homestead called 'Monte Cristo'. He was there making a documentary that was to accompany his latest book. He also broke the rule... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jared F (ru) wrote: suuuuuuccckkkkeeddd!

Sindre J (us) wrote: It is actually an awful movie. It could have been much better with small adjustments. Some things worked but many things seemed like it was done with little interest. But it is better than anything else he has made in the recent. Unbelievable how fat Seagal has become too. Chubby fucker..

Archie M (nl) wrote: overall i liked the movie. but can somebody explain to me the ending?

Martin N (ag) wrote: A rockumentary well worth seeing. I didn't realize until half-way in that the narrator is actually Kurt himself. Nothing like hearing it from the man rather than somebody else's impression of him. Don't expect any spectacular footage though - 95% of this movie is Kurt talking with non-Nirvana, but relevant footage overlayed. In fact they seem to have gone out of their way to almost never show any footage, pictures or play any Nirvana music.

Chad M (ag) wrote: Eddie Vedder provides an absolutely stunning soundtrack.

Ann S (mx) wrote: One of my favorite movies. Wow...I feel so alone! four stars because there are some scenes that just don't seem to fit. Bullock seems so natural in this. Connick was low key appealing...realistic love interest. Sigh...the dance scene was so good--best since "Picnic."

Richard T (es) wrote: A great companion piece to The Expendables, also starring Dolph Lundgren (again as a character named Gun(n)ar).

Jennalynn (nl) wrote: An exceedingly beautiful picture. Audrey Hepburn is never more endearing than in this precious love story. I'd almost forgotten about this movie ... how foolish of me. I watched it several times many years ago with my mother and its memory is still vibrantly clear in my mind. I've got to see it again ... and I'm sure again!

Isaac H (es) wrote: A tense, tight science-fiction thriller whose impact is undone slightly by obnoxious found-footage aspects and off-kilter pacing.

Alexandra R (de) wrote: I saw this on a plane and whilst it amused - I love Woody and I love Jewish humour in New York - I never laughed out loud in an embarrassing way (sign of a good movie: Laughing out loud on the plane and not giving a damn).

Jordon J (de) wrote: An engaging, impressively staged revenge drama with a striking central performance from newcomer Joe Cole and a strong support cast. I say RENT IT!!!

Ola G (es) wrote: North Africa, 1600. The English mercenary Solomon Kane (James Purefoy) leads his ship's crew into battle against the Ottoman occupiers of a fortress town. After defeating the defenders, Kane and his men raid the fortress, where most of the crew is killed by demons. Kane fights his way to the throne room, but, before he can loot the riches, he is confronted by a demon that tells him his soul is forfeit to Satan. Solomon rejects his fate and jumps out a window. Following this encounter, Solomon returns to England and finds sanctuary in a monastery. After a prophetic dream, the abbot apologetically expels Kane, and Kane travels by foot to his ancestral estate, from which he had been expelled in his youth after defying his father Josiah Kane (Max von Sydow). Along the way, he is ambushed by robbers who mock his vow of pacifism and leave him for dead. He is found and treated by the Crowthorns, a family of Puritans traveling west to the New World. When the Crowthorns are slaughtered by corrupted followers of the evil sorcerer Malachi (Jason Flemyng), Kane renounces his vows and swears to avenge their deaths and rescue Meredith Crowthorn (Rachel Hurd-Wood), who has been marked by a witch and kidnapped by the Masked Rider, Malachi's lieutenant...Empire rated the film at 3/5 stars, complimenting writer-director Michael J. Bassett as handling the film "with the same level of commitment Peter Jackson brought to the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, the darker moments of which are an obvious influence on Bassett's film". The review says of the film as a whole: "For less than the effects budget of this year's other sword 'n' sorcery adventures, Percy Jackson and Clash Of The Titans, Bassett has delivered a dark-as-balls Highlander for the 21st century, played with such conviction it's hard not to be swept along". I honestly was actually expecting a so so sword 'n' sorcery adventure with so so CGI despite the fact that the plotline was intriguing and the character comes from the vivid mind of Robert E. Howard. But, I was truly positively surprised. Its a menacing, gritty, violent, atmospheric film and nicely shot with James Purefoy in great form as Solomon Kane in this solid 17th century setting. I love the idea of the former evil mercenary that finds God and a way to use his skills for good causes. It makes me think of Roland Joffes fantastic "The Mission" and Robert De Niros character Rodrigo Mendoza. I like the fact that Solomon Kane isn't "invincible" and ends up crucified for example. And Rachel Hurd-Wood is a lovely actress being the damsel in stress so to speak. Theres flaws, but minor ones in "Solomon Kane". And it has potential for further Solomon Kane adventures for sure.