Mujeres de medianoche

Mujeres de medianoche

Crime melodrama involving blackmail, murder, mystery and the obligatory police investigation.

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Thomas L (jp) wrote: Ever see a flick where it seems all of the actors are in on a joke but absolutely refuse to let the audience in on it? Well if you'd like to kill 90 minutes of your life, check out this smug fest. Sheesh. It does have some redeeming qualities. Gabriel Byrne's hilarious, and the whole mobster desk shootouts are a nice touch. But that's about it. I had the feeling the plot was some elaborate hoax that may have made sense on the page but got lost during filming. The biggest hoax, though, is that I had to watch this frickin' thing.

David D (de) wrote: please let me watch it

Karki L (kr) wrote: make every day count!

Chris K (us) wrote: The parking ramp looks like my works parking ramp...I wanna see this film. it looks interesting.

Tabitha M (kr) wrote: I liked how this movie made you feel as though you had just stumbled into the life of the main character, as though events had already been unfolding before you started watching... the movie was very well acted, believable.It's easy to relate to the characters - people just trying to get ahead and get by, by doing all that they can. Dreaming of change.I especially love the symbolic relationship between the very handsome Raul and Monica's character - that is that their relationship was so much like her life in the fact that he saw her as something she wasn't, and he - like herself - wasn't able to provide her with what she needed.The theatrical, sometimes Grease-like musical insights into Mnica Cervera's characters psyche were fantastically choreographed and provided another dimension to the gritty reality of the film.Very funny in parts and very enjoyable.

caroline you my girl (ru) wrote: the be$t movi3 3v3r mad3

Greg W (fr) wrote: another example of a pic a reviewed that flixter lost!

Callan E (nl) wrote: Walk and live... talk and bumbaclart dead!

John M (gb) wrote: One of the best films ive ever seen. A classic love story well written and well acted. Touches the heart and makes you realize that everyone falls in love and hurts at the end.

Lynda M (de) wrote: I feel too many producers have profited by making films about the Holocaust in the line or entertainment. This documentary , to me, is unique and should only be show to people who wish to research the events of the Holocaust for historical reason.

Sandeep S (us) wrote: a classic Bollywood "social" of the 1950s. Its romanticized populism deserves comparison to Frank Capra's films. As in Kapoor's earlier Awara, the hero is a Chaplinesque tramp, another vagabond (as in Awara). Songs are timeless classics, one of note is the "Mera Joota Hai Japani" song...

Joe W (kr) wrote: Paths of glory, a wartime film based on World War I. Kirk Douglas the main general shows that he is one of the perfect thing actors working with Stanley Kubrick. And as for Stanley Kubrick once again you will love his cinematography from his black-and-white artistry and best scripts best acting yet so far in an hour and 35 minute film on pasts of glory. This film should be shown to school unified all over the country of the United States yet to be learned over the whole world how we thought on war time. I love all of Stanley Kubrick's best works. And at the end it is a happy moment yet to come. This movie shows the struggle of men about how they feel of love and fight. Just by looking at the face reactions of every single soldier and the film shows fear. A beautiful executed film of World War I written and directed by Stanley Kubrick yet to be a must see. Grade A perfect 10

Ben Y (ca) wrote: Really nice film, I enjoyed it a lot, beautifully animated by the genius Studio Ghibli.

Ian C (de) wrote: This is absolutely mental, extremely violent and really enjoyable. Carnage.