Mujeres en armas

Mujeres en armas


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Aiden W (es) wrote: Thought I was going to puke at the end

GUSTAVO F (it) wrote: SUPERMAN / BATMAN: PUBLIC ENEMIESIt's A Movie Fun Of Dc Comics Nothing More.

David J (es) wrote: Funny, entertaining, & intriguing.

Clarence M (kr) wrote: An excellent film from Claude Lelouch, as usual, but maybe a bit easier than unsual.

Theo K (ag) wrote: I thought this movie was amazing. You're either going to love it or hate it though.

MeLinda M (es) wrote: Hell yes... It wasn't all tht great but worth a watch when yer bored.

Mrs H (jp) wrote: This was a good movie

Daryl D (us) wrote: Javier Bardem is one of the best actors of our time! Luis Tosar is super hot! I found out that he's in a band too (The Ellas). Having been laid off this movie really hit home... what if I was older and couldn't get another job?

Sam M (ca) wrote: Oh right, this was made by a woman. But DiCaprio for the most part pulled all the stops, pre-Titanic or preCatch Me If You Can. The story had a bit much graphic detail and portrayal.

Anthony V (ru) wrote: It's got that Mamet touch!

Hussein E (kr) wrote: ????????? ??????? ??????

Andrew L (it) wrote: Despite the films getting darker & more 'mature' as the kids get older (& are faced with new dangers), the three leads (Radcliffe, Watson & Grint), still can't act convincingly well enough to carry the blockbuster series, & the 'connect-the-dots' performances from the star support does little to help. The CGI & production value is as ever extremely high, but it's unfortunate that so many films these days focus solely on these elements rather than the actual story narrative & script. The Potter films don't necessarily get 'better', but are definitely more bearable with each new instalment. This particular film (as with the remaining three), has quite a task of reducing a very long novel into a 150minute running time, yet manages to portray a number of sub plots featuring an array of uniquely different characters to add adequate depth & tension.

Clara V (au) wrote: The trailers are deceiving. I had no idea this movie was about terrorism. It was a good movie . If look besides hollywood version of terrorrism. It reminded me of Rendition. The FBI agents were kind of wack they could have gotten better actors to played the part.