Mujeres infieles

Mujeres infieles

A television survey says over sixty percent of women in Chile are unfaithful. True or not, this movie presents some interesting answers.

A television survey says over sixty percent of women in Chile are unfaithful. True or not, this movie presents some interesting answers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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clean b (gb) wrote: best dam movie i've ever seen

Rashik I (ru) wrote: One of the worst movies ever...

Jo C (gb) wrote: Apart from being thrown in the deep end of sporadic timeline jumps at the start, Tilda Swinton and Ezra Miller work together with disturbing beauty in their estranged mother/son relationship, while director Lynne Ramsay drops effective clues on why they need to talk about Kevin (more red than The Red Wedding). Tension is potent and the psyche empathises with Swinton's Eva, but would the story have benefitted from Kevin telling it? Or have we seen that too much already?

Engr M (fr) wrote: Truly Time Waste, A lady is playing amoung 11 players atleast and they donot found her. All guys are blind................. Total Time Waste

Brenda S (nl) wrote: Wow. This was interesting. All about the Fed. Are federal income taxes legal? This argues that they are NOT. Very interesting viewing.

Courtney C (fr) wrote: See, this is why I continue to do quickrate; because eventually I get to movies with such a god-awful premise that I get to laugh and laugh. And there's probably only one copy in the world. And the sci-fi channel has it.

Amir K (it) wrote: this is the stroty about love,so realistic and shocked me! fantasism and eagerness . old habbits and passion war

Megumi Y (ca) wrote: A good film. It gives viewers lots of space and it's more or less all up to us what we see, which I find is great. I am afraid tho' the stories would have been a bit puzzling had I not lived in BiH.

Ginny (ru) wrote: I love Martin Short. But I just cant get to like his tv character Jiminy Glick!

Ruhan R (de) wrote: Bookies had a decent foundation, the premise was good and the script had lots of potential. The cast wasn't as strong as they could have been, but the acting was pretty on point. I feel like Mark Illsley's directing was the main problem with this movie. His touch made it pretty damn cheesy and the whole thing felt a lot less serious than it should have been. With some stronger cinematography, more appropriate lighting and just better director-to-performer coaching the whole thing would have been magnificent. Bacall's script had a good idea behind it, but the dialogues was just way too two-dimensional and the scenes progressed very generically. Overall I feel that this film had a good base-idea but the director's execution botched it up.

Jaclyn L (jp) wrote: Average comedy, enjoyable. William H Macy was great in it.

Greg W (gb) wrote: Boasting great production values, Frank Capra's film is still one of the most cherished fables made during the Depression era.

Rosalin K (it) wrote: Thanks the lord for Turner movies, what a gem!! especially since I am a Peter Finch fan. It was shot in black and white and the lighting is fantastic and really heightens the mood in some scenes, especially the exteriors at the beach, giving it a dream like quailty...simply loved it!!

Ola G (gb) wrote: Detroit Michigan Police Detective Sergeant Jericho Jackson (Carl Weathers), known locally as "Action Jackson", was a celebrated lieutenant in the police force but demoted (nearly two years prior) because of a case he headed involving the criminal son of successful businessman Peter Anthony Dellaplane (Craig T. Nelson). The fall out over the case also collapsed Jackson's marriage and put the law school educated, star athlete and hometown hero at odds with the public. Even after his demotion, Jackson's continued interest leads to conflicts with his commander, Captain Earl Armbruster (Bill Duke), but he begins investigating Dellaplane's professional exploits, eventually uncovering the string of murdered trade union members connected to Dellaplane's company. He discovers Dellaplane is secretly maneuvering his way into a "behind the throne" seat of power and has been using the group of assassins, dubbed The Invisible Men, to kill uncooperative union officials. Jackson is then assisted by Dellaplane's mistress, Sydney Ash (Vanity), a local lounge singer and heroin addict whom the businessman has assisted financially. He is eventually framed for murdering Dellaplane's wife Patrice (Sharon Stone) (killed by her Dellaplane after she discovers his plot and goes to Jackson for help). On the run from the police, Jackson is helped by friends from his old neighborhood, kid Sable, a local hotel owner and retired professional boxer, and Dee, a lively local hairdresser (and gossip informant) who gives Jackson a way to discreetly get to Dellaplane...This is just a classic formulaic and stereotypical 80s actioneer with everything youd expect, but its also an attempt to revive the blaxploitation genre during the 80s, which obviously failed. Carl Weathers said he hoped the film would become a franchise "but Lorimar sold the lot to Sony and sold the library to Warner Bros., and that was that. It never resurfaced again, unfortunately." The action is over the top and "I can see the stuntman" bad, the acting very standard (even if the ensemble of actors/actresses contains all sorts of known names), the action hero is portrayed as a superhuman and the script is very mediocre. Why did I re-see this trashy 80s action movie? Well, I still got my massive teen crush on Vanity and that will never fade away. Yes, hardly a fantastic actress, but that charisma, looks, moves, voice and presence gets me every time. Every time after so many years. And that was the only reason I did re-see "Action Jackson". And that is pretty much the only reason to see it at all...

Vaughan M (ag) wrote: Likable but sorta forgettable


Johnny L (it) wrote: I can't argue against its many AA nominations. However, I didn't feel it did better than "solid" as a legal thriller.

RJ M (kr) wrote: The only R-rated movie from director Robert Zemekis is one of the great unsung comedies of the 1980's. Kurt Russell is at his best as Rudy Russo, a fast talking used car saleman that will do anything for the sale. He's so adept at lying, cheating, and telling people what they want to hear, that he realizes his true calling...politics. His boss agrees to loan him $10,000 so he can buy a local election to the state senate. But his boss dies before he can give him the loan, so now Rudy has to sell every car he can to come up with the money. He's hampered in every attempt by his boss' nefarious brother, who just happens to own another used car lot across the street. As politically incorrect as they come, the movie is a non-stop laugh riot that holds up today, despite the trappings of being made in 1980. While Kurt Russell is the star, the movie belongs to the late Jack Warden, who plays the dual parts of Roy and Luke Fuchs. Luke, the kindly one, and Roy, the ultimate sleazeball. There are so many classic scenes in this movie, it's impossible to list them. But the standouts have to be the two illegal commercials Rudy and his co-workers broadcast during a football game, and the presidential address. Suffice it to say that neither one goes right, and we get results ranging from full frontal female nudity, to exploding cars. Also there is a scene where the salesman are in full swing and telling people everything they want to hear to sell a car. They even get their dog to play dead so a potential customer will feel guilt ridden about running the dog over, that he'll buy the car. The movie got buried in its initial release, opening the same day as Airplane. As great as that movie is, Used Cars is even funnier. The dvd of this movie contains an audio commentary by Robert Zemekis, Kurt Rusell, and co-writer Bob Gale. It is the single greatest commentary in dvd history, and the stories they tell about making this movie are even funnier than the movie itself. Believe me, that's saying something.