Mujrim Kaun Khooni Kaun

Mujrim Kaun Khooni Kaun


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Mujrim Kaun Khooni Kaun torrent reviews

NoOne S (it) wrote: I was expecting this film to be poorly shot with mediocre acting at best but this was not the case. Ebon Moss & Vanessa Shaw were spectacular and the children did a pretty good job as well. The camera work was outstanding and the location picturesque. Not particularly scary in any sense of the word but a good watch and a great example of what independent films and non-mainstream actors are capable of.

Nidhi J (au) wrote: Women maybe gullible but they are not dumb, wish the script kept that in mind. Well attempted but certainly missing intelligence and substance.

Pat N (fr) wrote: Off beat vampire flick I found by accident. Lovely acting from Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton. Worth watching every moment.

Dylan S (mx) wrote: Could'nt quite give it the full 5 I gave to the first movie. Casting was great, acting was bar none. the writing reminded me of something from Herman Melville. The only thing that shaved the star was a complete lack of Matthew Davis.

Luca B (de) wrote: Sarebbe da proiettare obbligatoriamente nelle scuole, soprattutto quelle di giornalismo vista la media di quelli in attivit. Una vera sorpresa

Martha w (es) wrote: found footage, ok, got it

irene c (es) wrote: out of all the exorcism movies that have come out in the recent years, this one i think was the most low budget movie of them all. it has the typical exorcism which again happens to a female, it is poorly based on a true story, there are really no famous actors in this one, the ending is a bit distrubing but overall it was entertaining. worth the rental but if you have a friend who rented it, see it at their house better, jsut in case.

treina g (ag) wrote: Another one of the best movies ever made.

Khurram A (ru) wrote: Dolph in action, thats all what fans want...

Zaenal A (mx) wrote: "I had to kidnap you so you'd get to know me. I'm sure you'll get to love me as I love you" #tsaahhh

Grayson D (mx) wrote: Enjoyable sequel and one of Chase's better roles.

Westleigh Q (es) wrote: This might be a half-decent movie if any of it made sense.

Tim M (ru) wrote: Some subtitles would have been nice, many sentences are unintelligibly Scottish. Great acting and directing. Cool mix of witchcraft, monster and teen romantic drama.

Greg W (ca) wrote: summer in february not that unusual if u live in the southern hemisphere but here make a period pic about UK artists/painters in the merchant/Ivoray tradition and well made too.

Caesar B (fr) wrote: Has it's moments of intrigue, but ultimately fails to trigger real interest.