Mulher Objeto

Mulher Objeto

Regina is a woman from a poor family and married with and former secretary of the wealthy Hélio. Regina has a block with Hélio and can not have sex with him, in spite of fantasizing kinky ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Reeves S (fr) wrote: story line phenomenal, characters are interesting, good amount of comedy, amazing soundtrack, but boring villain but still deserves 5

Angela B (mx) wrote: And it's lucky to get that. Crap

Angela R (fr) wrote: It looks like a happy movie.

Paul C (gb) wrote: Good script. Would have liked to see more dialogue from Timothy Hutton.

Lindsay S (br) wrote: This movie tries a little too hard to be FREAKY DEAKY. Between the constant dramatic music, crappy acting and supposed humor scenes, the suspense gets lost. Sure, the love that Clive has for a dead woman is creepy, but we've seen it before, a la Norman Bates. Cold Storage is mildly entertaining, if only for the cheese and lulzy thriller stereotype value. Meh.

House M (br) wrote: This film is underrated, Kim Chapiron did here a nice job of filming. The storyline is not superb but Cassel and Barthelemy did a good job. I like it, not a must see.

Private U (us) wrote: One of the best movies to come out of Iran in the last two years, if not THE BEST. Casting is superb, the music of Ardavan Kamkar fits excellently with the script. The story and acting made me lose control of myself! Dariush Mehrjui shows why he is the God of New Wave in Iranian Cinema,A compelete movie.

sangare (kr) wrote: send me this i want to see it

Masorad (us) wrote: Odd as sod. The Marx Bros somehow time-travel some 50+ years, lose a bit of their je ne sais quoi, inform some good (and not so good) performances, and remake "Night At The Opera." Could've shined as a labour of love if not for the Alan Smithee factor, but yuks aside, this is a profoundly strange, anachronistic whatever.

Heber O (mx) wrote: I couldn't even finish watching this movie it was driving me insane. Way to many flashbacks. This movie tries to get you too excited.

Zachary B (nl) wrote: An amazing film that lost the best picture Oscar in 1951 to "An American In Paris." Oskar Werner (Fahrenheit 451) delivers an unforgetable performance in this classic WWII drama.

Uriel G (gb) wrote: Less coherent than the first. Not only is it bad, it's laughably bad, trying to replicate the great atmosphere and special effects of 300 but failing miserably both in recreate in some weird way the history of Themistocles and in a techincal way.

Tait W (au) wrote: Well... it sure is bizarre. As much as I love anthology movies, this movie was okay. The first segment, "Mother of Toads" was very, very strange. I didn't really like it all that much. The next segment, "I Love You" is pretty boring at first, but had a pretty strange twist and a well done ending. "Wet Dreams" is a weird ass Tom Savini segment that involves a lot of penis mutilation, and overall was really messed up... but it gets worse on the cringe scenes. "Vision Stains" involves a lot of needle in a certain area (trying to not spoil) scenes that are really gross. "Sweets" was a really good segment about a fat man's weird fetishes. Although one of my friends kept saying, "When is this gonna end?" I enjoyed the film... for the most part.

angel w (kr) wrote: It's been TOO long since I've seen this