Mulheres ao Mar

Mulheres ao Mar


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Mulheres ao Mar torrent reviews

SteL P (gb) wrote: Brilliant! Saw the short film and the feature movie is even better!

G H (it) wrote: I'm being generous, because I love British films and like seeing a movie without men. How about this: "Lady of the Flies" meets "Othello."

Keiko N (it) wrote: Not great. Some good moments, but too cliche. Nixon is good, but knowing what both she and Angarano are capable of, they deserved better writing.

James S (br) wrote: Terrible make up, mediocre acting, but still hilarious. Great movie.

Tony W (mx) wrote: Absolutely hilarious and very clever.

Nikolaos S (au) wrote: A good example of the school full of punks manga genre (this,Cromartie high scholl etc).Short simple and to the point and has a pretty cool soundtrack.Plus the teacher who took care of the flowers was a nice idea

Ashik S (br) wrote: nw wat d @#$% wz dat!!!

Camille L (gb) wrote: Lent, pas drole, rate dans sa premiere heure, mais assez emouvant vers la fin, ce film reste neanmoins un ratage, surement du au peu d'interet qu'il procure au spectateur. LUKE WILSON est neanmoins tres bon.

Rodney E (gb) wrote: Pretty unwatchable, which is very sad considering the first is something of a classic. This is what happens when Disney milks something to the maximum. While the first had great special effects, this looks pretty much like the direct to video junk fest that it is. Poor Ricky Moranis. No wonder he hasn't acted onscreen since.

Leo L (nl) wrote: Great movie! Lots of laughter, Catherine O'Hara is great!

Mr D (jp) wrote: It is possible an ethical ecological concious action movie without Steven Seagal. It has some unconventional scenes for an action movie, hacked of hand and blown off legs.

Jesus H (it) wrote: i saw when i started to play baseball

Alexander C (ag) wrote: Tres Bien!erm no mousieur!

Paul D (fr) wrote: Like many Meley's documentaries, this feels melancholy and seems as if not that much is going on, but, like all of their work, is so engaging and really keeps you thinking after the initial viewing. I've never seen such consistently haunting documentary filmmakers; their films just stick in my head for days.

Michael T (kr) wrote: Not much better than any other Italian musclebound yarn, even though it was directed by Bava.

Zoran S (us) wrote: Masterful Ford/ Wayne film. It's stunning looking and has one of Wayne's best performances.