Construction worker Doug Kinney finds that the pressures of his working life, combined with his duties to his wife Laura and daughter Jennifer leaves him with little time for himself. However, he is approached by geneticist Dr. Owen Leeds, who offers Doug a rather unusual solution to his problems: cloning.

Doug Kinney is a Los Angeles construction worker whose job is constantly getting in the way of his family. On one job to build a new wing of a scientific facility, Doug meets up with Dr. Leeds, a friendly scientist who has developed a successful method for cloning humans, and is introduced to Dr. Leeds' clone as proof. The scientist allows Doug to make a clone of himself that can take over for him at work, while he tries to spend some quality time with his family. The clone, called "Two", has all of Doug's memories and knowledge, but is overly macho. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve P (us) wrote: Very average acting, completely unrealistic blood, but an intriguing little plot. You will probably work out what is really going on before the end of the story, but still quite engaging.

Constana B (gb) wrote: Compelling performances and beautifully told heroics, it should not be missed. This is a true story of a faction of the French Resistance comprised of immigrants who came to France before the war, who had to fight not only the Nazi forces but their own people. The title comes from the term used to label the fighters. This is a passionate remembrance.

Zach L (nl) wrote: vey beautiful story with young fairies. Tinky here is not only a very curious tinker but also very fluent in talking . This movie is the only stories that fairies are joining humans

Vincent L (au) wrote: This movie has some very good acting. I watched it mostly because it was shot in Montreal but you don't see much of it; you mostly spend time watching the two main characters discussing in a car. I give it three stars because it's deep and has a good message. Definitely not for everyone though.

Michael F (br) wrote: I wanted to watch how this heavy drinking fellow Slovene swam the Amazon, but also ended up seeing him reach the 4th dimension along the way. A quirky documentary, pretty good, but not outstanding. My hat is definitely off to Martin Strel, though!

Vishal M (kr) wrote: Indian Cinema at its qualitative best!

Laura M (fr) wrote: Better than the first movie, but not as good as the third movie (which I saw years ago). I'm looking forward to watching more of the franchise.

Joann R (us) wrote: Had to watch it twice to understand what happened lol, but I like it the storyline. Sad though.

CJ C (es) wrote: Well-acted drama based on a true story. Both sexy & sad with a great ending. Luv JWalters always.

Tom T (es) wrote: Old skool classic it was gold in 1995 when i first saw it i reckon its about tin by now

Heather D (it) wrote: Best of all times - watch every Christmas - along with A Lion in Winter.

Jeremiah K (au) wrote: All i have to say is: Brittany and Famke in the same movie. MMMMMMM

Harrison Y (us) wrote: utter shit worse than the water boy

Mary B (it) wrote: Good action. Better than one MI

Greg W (kr) wrote: good historical/action/adventure pic

Quentin D (au) wrote: One of the best bio-pic films ever made. Up there with Phoenix's *Walk The Line*, and the ABC miniseries *The Temptations*. Hiddlesten proves to be Williams in a believable way in every well played out scene. The best film of 2016 in my opinion.