Vijay Kumar is an young man living in a small town in rural India, who makes his living farming. He hopes to change his lifestyle and that of the townspeople by building a hospital with the help of attractive young doctor Rekha, who he is in love with, so much so that he is willing to donate his land.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1988
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Vijay Kumar is an young man living in a small town in rural India, who makes his living farming. He hopes to change his lifestyle and that of the townspeople by building a hospital with the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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cainlyons (nl) wrote: This movie isn't worth the time you took to read this sentence.

Calum B (it) wrote: This is the first time in about three or so months that I found myself this disappointed and angry with an animated film. I'm 20, and I adore animation and have done since I was about 3. But Animals United is a serious contender for the worst animated film I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of animated films, good and bad.As bad as Titanic:The Animated Movie, Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale, Doogal and Secret of NIMH 2 are, and that word is being kind to them (the first one especially is an insult to the intelligence), Animals United for me surpasses them on levels of how painful and dull it is.I have so many beefs with Animals United, but I have to say what angered me most was the voice cast. On paper, this is an amazing voice cast. James Corden? Jim Broadbent? Stephen Fry? However, this film wastes their talents completely, at the end of the day Corden is the only one who tries. Everybody else are either annoying(Dawn French, not helped that her character is annoying too) or are dreadfully uninterested(Broadbent in a very rare occurrence).But a number of things do not help when it comes to the waste of these talented actors. The worst offender was the script, which was really deplorable. The writing in Animals United aims to be funny and poignant. Maybe its main target audience(essentially a family movie but in all honesty watching this I can only see under 12s getting any, if any, value from this film) will find it so, but I for one found it unfunny(the humour was just embarrassing!), saccharine and heavy-handed.And there is also the lip-synching. I have seen some sloppy lip-synching in my time not just in animated films but in opera films/productions and films in general(though unlike here this in any of those only happened once or twice), but to say the lip-synching is sloppy here is being kind. It was all over the place, I don't remember a single time when it was in sync with the voices or lip-movements. Then again I may have been distracted by how bad the writing and characterisation was.Animals United is devoid of a single likable or sympathetic character. I couldn't connect to a single character throughout here, and I imagine it was the same with the vocal cast as well. All the characters in Animals United are either annoying or underdeveloped, and that is including the titular character.The lack of a good story doesn't help either. This is a story that is thin-too thin and uninteresting for an over-90-minute film- and predictable complete with themes that are presented in a superficial, chaotic and preachy manner. Pace-wise as well, excepting scenes such as the ending-and various transitions between plot points that are given less than 5 minutes to develop-that felt rushed, the film is a drag. And there are parts, particularly in the latter section, that feel as though they belong in another movie when it comes to talking about tone, also don't get me started on some of the truly dumb parts of Animals United. For example seeing a polar bear in the Savannah made me lose more than a couple of brain cells. Just for the record, I understand the message the film was trying to convey but the way it was put across was not done at all well.I was hoping that some good animation might elevate things to a slightly better level. Sadly, even the animation wasn't done all. The colours seem rather flat, the backgrounds are blocky, but the real abomination animation-wise was the character designs. I have seen some animated films and shows where "ugly" character designs are deliberate, but I doubt that was really the case here. Regardless of that, in my opinions they were just hideous, often over-sized and jerky and the mouth movements and lip-synching did little to help either.I would also say the same for the soundtrack. As an aspiring singer and keen musician, I always look for a good soundtrack. Animals United is not an example of a good soundtrack, in fact it is the exact opposite of a good soundtrack. Not only are some of the musical numbers pointless, but almost every single one of them are misplaced. I didn't think much either of the melodies, which were forgettable, or the lyrics, which often took me out of the mood of the scene.Overall, a dreadful animated film and one to be avoided.

Kevin F (es) wrote: The Citizen Kane of cliche

Paul D (us) wrote: A well used storyline for animated animals. Good, but nothing new.

Angela O (gb) wrote: Go see this movie in 3D IMAX. It is a fun, informative water ride down the Colorado River in 3D. The great Dave Matthews soundtrack makes the movie even more enjoyable.

Johnny G (kr) wrote: rtt ok action rulle... men inte skitbra ! :)

Ivan D (it) wrote: This Christmas movie is a rather a guilty pleasure when it's around the holiday season. The performances aren't that good sometimes, the characters are sometimes stubborn or complete psychos, but you sometimes enjoy that it still has that spirit of goodness inside of it. Some of the humor is nice. They have good set ups for slapstick humor and sometimes have a good outcome. Like the racing to ham scene. Even though the old lady wasn't really expressed enough and didn't have that much dialogue, it was still funny. But the thing i liked the most about this movie is Marty. We didn't know that much about him, so didn't the characters, but he is awesome. He was nice, he knew Spanish, he's pretty much Santa Claus...even though we found out that he actually is Santa and we were really confused about that, but other than that he's still awesome.One of the problems with this movie is the other neighbors, they are flipping stubborn and insane. When they heard that the Kranks are going to skip Christmas, they look like that they are going to war against them. They are relentless trying to stop the Kranks from skipping Christmas. Another problem is Dan Aykroyd. His performances look crazy, it most likely looks like he's in horror movie instead of a comedy. But the one big problem with this movie is the idea of skipping Christmas because they would still be celebrating Christmas. What i mean is, in the movie, the parents said that they would skip Christmas to go on a cruise. But that is basically celebrating Christmas, because they are going on vacation together. That is the biggest thing wrong with this movie.Anyways, this movie is enjoyable to watch. Even though the acting is ridiculous, and the writing doesn't add up, it's still a guilty pleasure that i watch every year.

ole bjrn l (jp) wrote: 3 stars because it s about the best pokerplayer ever!but they forgot a lot in this movie hope somebody make a new and better movie of Stu Ungar so he can get the respect he deserve!R.I.P Stu Ungar

Vanja E (es) wrote: Beautiful movie about honesty and true friendship!<3

Agata G (gb) wrote: One of my favourite movies from junior high - gave me hope that eventually evrything's gonna be okay. Brunkhorst's tour de force gives this movie eerie realism factor.

Justin R (it) wrote: A horror classic among other horror classics from German Expressionism such as "Nosferatu" and "The Cabinet of Dr. Calagari"

Richard F (jp) wrote: Better than you would think. That's why it's better to get average reviews!

Marc d (it) wrote: Killed Me 90 TimesMercurial assassin Charlie Wolfe is recruited to get rid of a businessowner's cheating girlfriend, but soon discovers he's not the only onetargeting his prey. Get ready for three tales of mayhem filled withblackmail, murder and revenge. This relaxing, sun-filled beach town isabout to get bloody.Kill Me Three Times by director Kriv Stenders killed me at least 90times, which is the entirety of its run time. This must sound a littleharsh for a movie that contains some unquestionably brilliantcinematography and pretty reputable actors, but you'll understand whatI mean if you watch it. It does its best to stand out with its ownstyle, but one can only hear the same repeated espionage music track ahand full of times before they start to cringe. Truthfully, whoever washired as the Music Department Supervisor should be ashamed of approvingthe redundantly annoying soundtrack they used to support this quirkyaction thriller.On the bright side, this flick did sport a pretty interesting form ofnon-linear storytelling with the multiple points of view associatedwith its own title. The special effects department also pulled off somepretty beautifully disgusting bloody moments, the film's scenery wasexquisite and Simon Pegg did bring a hint of fun to the mix.Unfortunately these stronger traits weren't enough to erase the senseof boredom I felt throughout the lackluster twists, streaks of flatjokes and tiresomely dramatic arches.You'll have to pardon this obvious and somewhat clich pun, but whatcan I say except this movie completely misses its mark. Bam! I said it,ha-ha. If a fine mix of black comedy and violent gun blazing action isyour thing, you're better off sticking to Edgar Wright's Hot Fuzz orMichael Davis' underrated Shoot 'Em Up.

Chucky (br) wrote: February 28th 2013August 12th 2016