In the small town of Mumford, a psychologist of the same name moves in and quickly becomes very popular, despite a questionable past.

In the small town of Mumford, a psychologist of the same name moves in and quickly becomes very popular, despite a questionable past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Garry A (ca) wrote: Very underrated. The Pulp Fiction of crappy horror movies

Christopher S (fr) wrote: What a kung fu movie should be like. Point Blank period!

David F (fr) wrote: Really interesting documentary about magician's assistants. Some old school assistants of some classic magicians are featured in this curious independent documentary.

Sumeet B (gb) wrote: Goldie Bhel, stop making movies.

Peter H (ag) wrote: Clever film, nice Saturday night entertainment

Brendan B (ca) wrote: BEST MOVIE IVE EVER SEEN

Andrew L (ag) wrote: A brilliantly edited, scored & acted piece which unravels the tormented mind of it's lead protagonist. The story narrative going backward from finish to start (much like 'Irreversible', but to greater effect here) puts the viewer in the same position as Guy Pearce - discovering the meanings of all the little notes & tattoos that he had forgotten (suggesting that you had too). It all boils down to a shocking climax where all the strands meet.

Richard B (kr) wrote: Really good 80's skater movie.

Sylvester K (ca) wrote: Predictable, due to the low budget it didn't have any good directions. This sci-fi flick is ultimately oblivious.

Richard C (kr) wrote: In just under two and a half hours, Little Big Man manages to create a fascinating insight into the life of Jack Crabb, played consistently and carefully detailed by Dustin Hoffman, through the course of over a century. The film manages to create a topsy-turvy detailing into a man kidnapped by Native Americans not once but twice in his life, but also shown fighting for General Custer at the infamous Last Stand and becoming acquainted with Wild Bill Hicock, among other historical scenarios. While it might not come across as creating an inspiring tale in the same way that a film like Forrest Gump does and does feel a bit overlong in the General Custer sequences, Little Big Man nevertheless plays as an interesting and enjoyable insight into the life of a man who might or might not have done the things he said he does to the point that we might suspect if everything we have watched really is true. But the fact that the film manages to display a historical set of consistently enjoyable scenes and creating a liking for its main character only goes to give reason to praise the film. The one person who deserves the most praise for the film is of course Arthur Penn whose direction plays as thoroughly impressive in terms of scope, structure and detail. A very good film that despite its stance might be better to just view only once.

Roy S (es) wrote: I love this movie. Some professional critics don't care for it, but amateurs like me tend to like it a lot. Sure, nits can be picked. Welles's Irish accent is not good, and the plot may have a hole or two, and there is even a bit of sloppiness in some aspects of craftsmanship. The exuberance with which it was made more than makes up for any flaws. The cinematography in particular is simply astounding, and Rita Hayworth sure classes up the joint.

Heather E (au) wrote: This has some of the funnier bits of the A & R pairing, but overall, not one of the better ones to see. The implausible plot twists are too much for me, even for that pairing! I do like the freer reign Ginger has for some of the comic moments, revealing some of her untapped depths. However, I don't see myself watching this again by itself. This would be better as part of a movie weekend.