Mummy Punjabi: Superman Ki Bhi Maa!!

Mummy Punjabi: Superman Ki Bhi Maa!!

An eccentric woman's life undergoes many changes as she prepares for the marriage of her children.

An eccentric woman's life undergoes many changes as she prepares for the marriage of her children. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (br) wrote: 'WHITEY: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA V. JAMES J. BULGER' is a mostly solid documentary on how corrupt the FBI and the mob were. Being that the two were working together makes it a bit scary. Having seen 'Black Mass' I felt I was pretty well informed on the subject, but there is more to learn here especially considering you have clips from Bulger via a phone call with his lawyer. It's not hard-hitting on Bulger, but it is on the FBI. It covers a lot of ground that the dramatized 'Black Mass' got wrong and neglected. It doesn't much talk about anything but the crimes. There's still a lot missing including his ability to be on the lam for almost two decades. I want to know more about this fascinating story.

Valerie M (jp) wrote: Terrible - one's suspension of belief has to be in overdrive for this one. If you think a little bit - she's got this memory problem, yet relatives and her best friend have not checked on her for four years. How do they think she is getting by? She can't remember to see a doctor, yet the doctor is up to date on her (except for one big fact) and has supplied a camera for her. However he doesn't see her in person. It does have tension and mystery, and good actors to watch (in so-so roles) so one star for that.

Michael Y (mx) wrote: A made for TV action movie with werewolves staring Felicia Day. You know you can't resist. Though not particularly good by all means, it's a made for TV movie, what do you expect? It's modern day Little Red Riding Hood, and she's here to kick ass. Back from the FBI academy, Virginia brings her boyfriend Nathan to her generation from generation home to meet her family, and to reveal to him her dark secret. Virginia's family has hunted werewolves for generations. She finds her commitment to this tradition not only her duty, but her thrill. But the glamour of hunting werewolves isn't all that great when leader of the werewolves, Gabriel, plans to create a werewolf army, but Nathan himself is bitten and turning. There's a way to reverse the curse, but can Virginia do it in time? Sounds awesome, but is pretty cliche and cheesy with some bad writing and bad acting. Very melodramatic moments occure that try to add more to the quality, but doesn't quite cut it as character developement. But it has it's moments. And the ending was pretty good, I'll give it that. It's a TV movie. What more can I say? You're bound to see some not so good executed directing, very low production on the cinematography, sets, shooting locations, stunts, lighting, everything. And definitely expect to see some bad animation. It's not camp value, it's just a low budget with independent filmmaking. But just keep that in mind that it's not entirely the crews fault, so you have to at least give them a thumbs up for trying. Even with an extremely low budget, this movie's story could have had more to work with. But you can't have it all. It's a made for TV movie, don't expect anything good. Watch it if your a fan of Felicia Day.

Jeremy S (br) wrote: This could be the lowest rated Sci Fi Channel movie ever, which would be saying alot if that was the case. It was boring, little action, and a horrible storyline. Grade: F!

Arun D (es) wrote: Things that could have made this a better movie: 1. A story 2. A choreographer 3. A Screenplay writer 4. A stunt coordinator 5. A story 6. A director -7. Anil Kapoor=Bubonic plague - Avoid at all costs 8. A statutory warning - "Watching Yash Raj movies is Injurious to your mental health" ?9. Kareena Kapoor ZERO nahi de sakta.isliye half diya hai :)

Camille L (nl) wrote: Dragon Tiger Gate est une adaptation d'un manga qui semble assez fun sur le papier. Malheureusement, en live-action, l'histoire est trs souvent ridicule, un peu comme la production design qui fait parfois grincer des dents tant certains choix sont malheureux. Tout ceci serait bien ngatif s'il n'y avait pas ces scnes de combat absolument fabuleuses, grce un Donnie Yen au top de sa forme et un supporting cast toujours trs bon (ce qui n'est pas surprenant venant de Nicholas Tse et Shawn Yue). C'est dommage que ce soit dans un film comme cela.

Jason T (us) wrote: I enjoyed this film. reminds me of a few people I played hockey with down in Springs-Monument. Kid always skated with his down. Another big fella we called tree he just stood there and people ran into him and they fell he still stood. Nuts.

cli o (ru) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Jessie V (it) wrote: daniel stern, it's your time to shine...

Nicki M (us) wrote: This is an old favourite of mine. I upgraded from VHS to DVD quite some time ago, but never quite got around to rewatching it until now. What can I say? This is one of those rare movies that I think I enjoyed more over time rather than think it is not as good, or like it as a nostalgia piece.This is for sure one of Fairuza Balk's best roles - she is an actress I think could have gone a long way, I am surprised she wasn't more successful. She is perfect here as Shade, living in a caravan park with her mother and her troubled older sister, Trudi (Ione Skye - also a good role for her). I think the good thing about rewatching it now is that I can identify now with all three of the women, rather than just the daughters. These are very well written women characters, and this film has a lot of depth. Donovan Leitch is also excellent here as Darius, and also the guy who plays Javier (I am unsure who he is). The rest of the men don't fare so well here, but this really is a movie for and about woman. Highly recommend it and have changed my original score of 4 to 5!

Jeff H (ag) wrote: Jane Powell puts in an effective effort, but without Astaire's fantastic numbers (and his tremendous talent) the movie would be little more than a flimsy train of events that is really forgetable to me. C-

Adrian B (us) wrote: Generally forgettable movie for which follows the adventures of the title character (Fredric March), who gets involved with many characters during both his childhood and as an adult. He hops from job to during a ten-year period and eventually fall in love a head cook's wife (Olivia de Havilland). Most people would regard this as one of the worst movies to be nominated for Best Picture. It is not very memorable, but it has nice costumes and peculiar characters that bring it along through its 139 minute running time. Other than that, however, not much else in the offering. Even Claude Rains is not that great. Again, I say it for this movie as well, mediocre at best.

Rachel W (ag) wrote: Even though it may be hard to admit, everyone has that one romantic comedy that can keep them laughing and crying at the same time. No matter if the viewer is more of a hardcore horror movie watcher or either loves an action-packed adrenaline-pumping movie, each one can spit out their favorite rom-com at the drop of a hat. In order to make a person's infamous list of "Favorite Romantic Comedy", there are certain criteria that can either make or break a movie for this spot. However, while looking at criteria such as the amount of comedy, the amount of romance and the relatability of the characters, 27 Dresses is definitely a film that can make it to the number one spot on anyone's list. Although some other movie genres have their comedic moments, comedy is obviously required in a romantic comedy. In 27 Dresses, the comedy was hit right on the head. While there weren't a lot of hysterical comedic elements, all of the sarcastic remarks and commentary made by actors Katherine Heigl and James Marsden who play Jane Nichols and Kevin Doyle was just the right amount to keep the story line of the movie flowing while giving the audience a chuckle when needed. For example, in one section of the movie when Jane is modeling her bridesmaid dresses for Kevin, Jane states that she would do whatever it takes to make her friend's wedding a good wedding even if she had to caulk a fountain. She then makes a rather sarcastic comment that she is a good caulker. Even Daniel Eagan, a writer for Film Journal International and not a huge supporter of the comedy in the film, states that, "Her [Heigl's] graciousness, comic timing, and willingness to make fun of herself will go over well with audiences." Because of the light amount of witty comedy, the movie had a great comedic presence while also keeping the viewers enticed to keep watching the movie. Another essential part of a good rom-com, the amount of romance in the film also plays a huge role. Like the comedy portion of the film, 27 Dresses also provides enough of the romantic aspect to not overpower the film, but gives viewers that romantic, butterfly feeling in their stomachs. The romance factor of the film also adds to the plot of the story line which tries to trick the audience into thinking that Jane will finally get her dream guy-her boss, George-in the end. This love triangle helps keep the audience on their toes while providing an entertainment and especially romantic factor throughout the film. For example, when Jane finally professes her love for Kevin after a dramatic chase at the end of the film, there is a sweet 'Aw!' moment that captures the hearts of hopeless romantics everywhere, letting the audience have a warm feeling in their hearts. Relatable characters are also a vital part of a great romantic comedy. Because of the great cast in this film, 27 Dresses is filled with wonderful and talented actors and actresses who relate to the majority of the people in the audience. Katherine Heigl, while still undeniably beautiful, embraces her appearance of an average-looking woman while interjecting her own bits of wit into the role of Jane, making the role unique. Heigl's talent which Joe Leydon addressees in his review of the movie describes her as, "An engaging actress with a flair for physical comedy and self-effacing humor, Heigl is immensely appealing as Jane Nichols. . ." which adds relatability to the character (35). James Marsden also is portrayed as an average looking man, who isn't all that interested in love and marriage and is writing a wedding newspaper column to get by. Using his sarcastic attitude towards marriage, like commenting at the beginning of the movie how most marriages don't last very long, Marsden's character can relate to some of the men in the audience, helping to make the film appeal to a bigger audience. While there are so many romantic comedies out there, 27 Dresses lives up to every expectation of the right amount of comedy, romance and relatability of the characters. Both Heigl and Marsden, as well as the other cast members, do an excellent job of interjecting the right amount of comedic and romantic aspects while still keeping the relatability of the characters alive. 27 Dresses is a film that anyone could watch over and over again and still get the same love-filled and funny reaction every time. While other good rom-coms are out there competing for the spot on your "Favorite Romantic Comedy" list, 27 Dresses definitely should be at the top.

Brian C (es) wrote: Lots of fun and many great moments, and creature designs. Let down by some really suspect acting. I'm looking at you Selma Blair.

Alex A (fr) wrote: "Hellraiser: Inferno" is a mystery-crime-supernatural-thriller that has an OK story, and a decent overall message about living a moral life. Sheffer plays the role pretty well, but the film lacked by not including Pinhead enough, using CGI where gory practical effects would've been better (ex: when Pinhead is revealed at the end), and dragging on too long.

Andrew J (fr) wrote: Definitely not as good as the first one but still entertaining.

Tori B (ca) wrote: This was a sad but good movie also!

Brandon S (ca) wrote: I wouldn't dislike all of Skip Woods' work so much if he would just try to do something original. I watch this movie and I have no reaction. That's the worst thing a filmmaker can do: make a film that has nothing to say. Its clear that Skip Woods was just one of many filmmakers who saw "Pulp Fiction" and "Reservoir Dogs," and thought that he had to make his best effort at copying every nuance of Tarantino rather than trying to be his own artist to be successful. Its not a bad movie. Its not a good movie either. Its just nothing. But I keep hanging in there. Skip Woods may have written some of the worst scripts of the last decade, but I keep holding out that one day he'll impress me.