Mummys Island

Mummys Island

Sudsakorn is a curious young man, raised in the ancient traditions of magic by his mystical grandfather. He never knew his farther. His mother, a beautiful mermaid is pained by his sadness ...

Sudsakorn is a curious young man, raised in the ancient traditions of magic by his mystical grandfather. He never knew his farther. His mother, a beautiful mermaid is pained by his sadness ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob B (ru) wrote: F+At least 'The Starving Games' tries to satirize the tropes of the usual Blockbuster movie with 'Spaceballs' levels of merchandising meta-humor, gags at the ridiculousity of action team-ups ('The Avengers', 'The Expendables'), but it is so full of continuity errors that made me baffled over 'Epic Movie' (also directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer), and has gags that barely earn a laugh.

Luis R (gb) wrote: Unexpectedly funny, serious and entertaining, simultaneously.

Gerald C (br) wrote: vivian chow playing lesbian... interesting...

Juliane (kr) wrote: A cute and funny rom-com, with wonderful scenery thrown in for a bonus. No, the story was not believable, but the actors made it seem nearly so. While we were watching, we did believe that the lead character could have fallen for her soldier boyfriend so thoroughly that she went into depression when he was declared MIA. In real life, 3 weeks would be a very short romance to become so attached, but then again, they did become intimate right away. Amr Waked is brilliant as the Yemeni sheikh. Sure, there are many cartoonish moments. But if you just roll with the story as presented, you will have some laughs along the way.

Kris W (mx) wrote: Poorly made, not really worth watching at all, maybe for a laugh with friends. The best part is the end.

Hal M (kr) wrote: In a word "horrible", both in execution but even in conception. A central component of the Gay Agenda is to rewrite history in their favor, by doing bi-ops like this which reify old rumors and insinuations. In this case--that the poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine were closet fags that maybe did the nasty with one another (although Verlaine was happily married).

Greg W (it) wrote: the third film in his trilogy-good stuff

Nicholas B (mx) wrote: This movie is strange, I've always enjoyed it. Plus A.D. Rock is in it.

Dougal S (de) wrote: Working my way through the original video nasties I've reached this odd film, which like many of the others on the DPP list seems incredibly tame by modern standards and you have to wonder what the authorities thought was going to happen if people watched this flick?Made in New Zealand but set in middle America the plot revolves around a series of inexplicable murders in a small town which seem to be the work of completely different people rather than one serial killer. It turns out that the local high school students are the ones offing the townsfolk having been brainwashed by a psychotic university lecturer under the guise of psycho-analytical experiments. The local police try and halt the killings with the chief of police discovering his own son is about to commit murder.Cheaply made this has all the trappings of a TV movie for the most part and is never high on the gore that was a key element of many of it's contemporaries. Maybe it was felt that the subject matter may just be too disturbing as amiable kids suddenly become knife wielding killers before awakening to have no memory of their actions. Whilst never particularly scary there is an element of fun to the whole thing with numerous tongue in cheek moments to keep the attention, most noticeably a lengthy dance scene at a party where everyone is dressed as 50s film characters... for no apparent reason.Had it not fallen foul of the UK courts then this would probably have slunk off into obscurity but as it is it gets to have a life greater than the sum of it's parts and is no worse for that. A bit of fun with a few chills thrown in - nothing more and nothing less.

Spencer P (de) wrote: A funny, fast, yet highly debaucherous 18th century English tale with no sense of moral direction whatsoever, but still clever with the director's choices of letting it be meta-conscious.

Brett B (de) wrote: I give it points for the audacity of its preposterously silly premise, but beyond that... stay away.

Jamie H (nl) wrote: Great movie!! And I love the fact that they speak and sing in french. Of course, I took french and need the practice! :)

Andrey B (ca) wrote: Very dark comedy with excellent cast and nuanced portrayal of different problems people face at various stages of their life. This film is like a cross section of society.

Darren P (us) wrote: A unique setting and other interesting details make this a better than average horror film.

Isaac J (ca) wrote: Incoherently loud, boring, confused and lifeless, I Frankenstein fails to showcase anything that can be called "good". Instead, we are subjected to soulless characters, a dull and preaching plot, glitchy CGI and, ultimately one of the most creatively bare films the world has ever had the misfortune to see.

Robert W (ag) wrote: Good thriller with a good cast