The ever hungry and funny Munchie is back in this sequel to "Munchies".

The ever hungry and funny Munchie is back in this sequel to "Munchies". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Albaab R (de) wrote: Great action-thriller. Hits you in the heart everytime you realise all this actually happened to real people. It's serious message-film; but delivered in action format. Loved it. Watch it if you're into action movies with a point.

Petter F (de) wrote: Arne Nss SR er KONGE!

Sol C (ru) wrote: This film could have been so much better. It kind of reminded me of movies like Along Came Polly and the Freddie Prinze Jr. film Down to You. I liked Along Came Polly, much more than this film. This style of the film is off. This feels like a TV sitcom. I felt that the audience track was missing. Also the film needed a better director. I keep thinking if Kevin Smith directed the film, it would be so much better. Everyone in the cast is great, they just need a better director and script.

Orlok W (de) wrote: Great film, brilliant story, and terrible reviews--This was... different!!

Fahad A (br) wrote: So boring I turned it off Within 20 minutes

Daniel S (us) wrote: Seeing as I slept through a portion of it, I can't criticize the film as a whole, but what I saw was really good. Dark brooding B&W cinematography and good performance by main guy. Need to see again and this time stay awake

Tim G (gb) wrote: A dull, tiresome movie that bored the life out of me... One of the stupidest films I've seen!

Dr A (nl) wrote: Very well made mockumentary... made me smile a lot and laugh out loud at times. Mark Hamill really got into character this time

Michael A (ca) wrote: There are so many better heist movies than this crap.

Alina C (ca) wrote: if you have 1 hour 30 to loose and want to have a good's so stupid and previsible that finally it's a comedy.

Linda M (nl) wrote: Too slow, but at times touching

Samson S (mx) wrote: SAM JACKSON IS PLAYING 'SHO-NUFF'........A MUST SEE

Steven M (fr) wrote: Dalton Trumbo's perfect script, flawlessly brought to life by Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck is a timeless classic that gets better with each viewing

Phill J (br) wrote: Funny as hell. van damme does the splits, some kids have a complex relationship with his dad, stuff happen's, mildly amusing.