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Mundane History

Explores the relationship between Ake, a young man who is paralyzed from the waist down after an accident, and Pun, the male nurse who takes care of him, and of course Ake's father. Ake is ...

Mundane History is a movies torrent of Anocha Suwichakornpong (screenplay). This movie was introduced in 2009. We can counted many actors in this movie torrents, for example Arkaney Cherkam, Paramej Noiam, Anchana Ponpitakthepkij, Phakpoom Surapongsanuruk. There are many categories, such as Drama. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 6.6 in We have a good movie torrents. The runtime of this movie are awesome, about 82 minutes. NickDan is interesting uploader, she is very proactive. You should spend more time to watch this movie. If we must use one word to describe about this movies torrent, I think it should be 'Crazy', so what is your opinion. Do you know what are customers? ChimTo is the best. I can't fight my iPhone screen. Share with your friends and watch this movie together . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

. . Ake is . Explores the relationship between Ake, a young man who is paralyzed from the waist down after an accident, and Pun, the male nurse who takes care of him, and of course Ake's father

Mundane History torrents

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Mundane History2009 torrent

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Users reviews

Brett B (ag)

Good film, but the eccentricity of all the characters makes it hard to identify with any of them

Karen H (it)

2015-05-15 slow and weird, hubby fell asleep

Kussai N (mx)

The plot brought lame surprised to the movie but overall the movie was fun. Not the best "Geek movie" I have seen but isn't bad either

Lorna B (au)

This keeps you guessing for the duration but I felt it lacked enough tension to keep you caring

Mike S (gb)

Stale toilet humor and newer funny classics, there's some hilarious parts but its mediocre at best

Private U (mx)

Samantha Morton is a genius

Rebecca N (ru)

dvd 2011-02]. Worth seeing

Tamesha E (ru)

. GreatGreat movie best performances Ross and Williams

William F (de)

Personally, it's a guilty pleasure of mine to watch (hence the rating), but I can acknowledge that it is a very bad film. ), but that's the problem: it doesn't give anything else that made the other films great, and instead tries to be relatively short to keep the kids entertained. It gives us all the well-known things of these films (dinosaur in the rain, big dino, little dino, etc. Unlike "The Lost World", this film doesn't give the feeling of a "Jurassic Park" film, but rather feels like a rip-off of said movie, trying to cash in on a great franchise. Also, the effects really have downgraded a lot, which is strange considering the grander budget. What's more, this film doesn't seem to understand that the franchise's icons are the Raptors and the T-Rex, as this film basically spits onto both of them. The plot is extremely predictable and the characters are unpleasant and boring. This film really is a bad one

Zach L (us)

I heard this was kinda dumb, but still looks funny