Mundeyan Ton Bachke Rahin

Mundeyan Ton Bachke Rahin

Serial daters fall for the same girl.

A comedy about two serial dater best friends who got their hearts broken at the age of 16 and vowed never to fall in love again but make girls fall in love with them and break their hearts now end up falling for the same girl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mundeyan Ton Bachke Rahin torrent reviews

Cline D (es) wrote: Le gentil petit escroc recueilli par le grand faussaire... Bof...

Mike D (ca) wrote: Simple and very acceptable.

Kan T (de) wrote: Quite a rubbish film....

Movie K (gb) wrote: Top notch action and stunts. Great movie. This is the movie he break in Hollywood market. I watch this many times and never get tired. Jackie visit his uncle Bill Tung in New York to attend his wedding. His neighbour live a handicapped boy Morgan Lam and sister Francoise Yip. Bill sold his grocery store to Anita Mui. Bill and his black wife left for honeymoon. The local gang go to the store to steal, Jackie beat them up. especially troublemaker Garvin Cross. Francoise is the girlfriend of the gangster boss Marc Akerstream and they corner Jackie at night, batting glass bottles at him. Jackie is hurt badly and manage to go back home. Francoise dress his wounds. The store is also in a mess. The gangster came back to ask for compensation. Anita can't do anything but agree. Jackie call the police and they ran off. Later the gangster chase after him in their scramblers to a carpark. He jump from the carpark to another building. Two gang are trading diamond and money. The deal go wrong. 2 members of Marc gang saw the accident and steal the money. Garvin hide the diamond in Morgan cushion. Francoise bought new cushion for him. Anita is going to sell the store. The White Tiger gang return to find the diamond, give Jackie their name card and claim to be FBI. Jackie find Francoise in her workplace. Her boyfriend is also there. Garvin steal the new cushion and find nothing. The gangster raid the store. 2 guys are caught by White Tiger for Garvin location. Anita blame Jackie for hooking gangster girlfriend. Francoise bring Jackie to the gangster hideout and big fights. Marc admit defeat. Jackie hope they will not be garbage and have tea instead of fighting. 1 of the gangster return with the minced body. Jackie call the "FBI" and realize the mistake. The rest are hostage while Jackie bring them home to get the diamond and apprehend them. The White Tiger gang demolish the store. Jackie call the cops and they wired him. The boss don't want the diamond anymore and want him dead. Jackie escape and chase them on hovercraft. He save a baby girl on the beach and run over by the hovercraft. It go to the road and run over a Lamborghini Countach. Jackie take an antique sabre and drive the Countach, slash the hovercraft rubber. The hostages are save. Jackie and pals drive the hovercraft and punish the gang boss. The ending reel show Jackie and all his stunts, very top notch.

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Anthony P (fr) wrote: One of John Waynes all time best movies, John Wayne acted with perfection like usaul and I enjoyed a great performance by Forrest Tucker.

Grant S (fr) wrote: Over-rated. Reasonably interesting, but quite confusing. The plot seems drawn-out, yet empty, all at the same time. The sense of intrigue keeps it going though.Katharine Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor both got Oscar nominations, and neither deserved them. Taylor over-acts here, in the extreme. Her whole performance is very overwrought. (She makes up for this by looking absolutely stunning in a bathing suit though!).

Alex B (au) wrote: Far from a flawless victory.

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