Manuel (Marcial Tagle) and Pedro (Benjamín Vicuña) are extremely close friends. The first one is a women addicted while the other one is a solitary gay, happy with the social changes that ...

Manuel (Marcial Tagle) and Pedro (Benjamín Vicuña) are extremely close friends. The first one is a women addicted while the other one is a solitary gay, happy with the social changes that ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Usman A (ag) wrote: The Sequel to the comedy hit film Masti 2004!! Is a great comedy with too much Vulgar Adult Comedy scenes but it was worth the watch!! I had a great time with my friends seeing this new Masti film!! So go have some Grand Masti with your friends at the theaters!! :) And By the way Vivek , Aftab and Ritesh plus Bruna Abdullah did great acting!!

Early B (au) wrote: Following on from the exploitative nature of 8213 Gacy House, the Asylum crew build their latest cheapovision horror around the legend of real life serial rapist and murderer, Richard Speck. People run through dark corridors, then walk, then run some more, then shout ?what what the fuck was that?!? whilst running. It?s all very tedious and reaches the pinnacle of vulgarity when we, the viewing public, are treated to a two-minute rape scene by Richard the Friendly Ghost. The fact the scene reminded us of Scary Movie 2, just heightened our displeasure. 100 Ghost Street plays like a bingo card for all other found footage horrors, showing a lack of originality we haven?t seen since Exorcismus. Avoid like the plague.

Ryley L (ru) wrote: Very underrated thriller. Suspenseful and genuinely scary.

Greg W (fr) wrote: good home invasion tale the lesson? don't mess with the messer!

Yvonne G (mx) wrote: Perfect movie for the lil ones :)

Carmen C (ru) wrote: Very entertaining and well done.

Carlos Q (au) wrote: El Kung Fu en est pelcula hara a Ip man orgulloso. Buena trama tambin!!

tom m (mx) wrote: Friggin great movie, one of my favorite anime.

Tricia J (mx) wrote: I enjoyed this movie but it was a bit long and slow but love the scene shots. Good story of a hero to avenge his murdered family when he was a young boy.

Alex W (gb) wrote: This movie is in the "strange day" category of film where it should be known by way more people. A list actors with some great performances, An amazing expansive original story that's darkly beautiful. You can feel the streets of paris and smell the pretty french girls. I guess like "whiplash" i am attracted to story about obsession at all costs. Wanting to create or do something truly great despite the consequences.

Belinda B (es) wrote: OH The campiness! But so hilarious!

Alexis W (ru) wrote: mulan is such a strong individual

James H (de) wrote: Very skeptical to watch it at first, but it's defiantly a good movie *IF* you liked Gettysburg (1993). The strength of this prequel is expanding its characters from Gettysburg and it's very hard to appreciate them if you haven't seen Chamberlain defend Little Round Top, Hancock initiating the engagement at Gettysburg, etc etc. This movie focus' on the several battles leading up to Gettysburg, and it is very well done despite critical reception. As a standalone film, it's very hard to like. As a sequel/Prequel to Gettysburg (1993) it's very easy to like and be engaged in.

Matty S (ag) wrote: Well, Mark Wahlberg's wig almost looks real...

Patrick D (au) wrote: Less awful than I was given to believe. Sure Tina Turner can't act, and the second half descends into Peter Pan territory, but on the other hand, I thought the world-building was more believable than Furry Road and the thunderdome action sequence was similarly better than anything in the new film.

Mani M (de) wrote: The universe is indifferent.

Nate T (us) wrote: This is a far cry from Morocco (1933) but the boys make it worth the trip.

Dylan D (kr) wrote: Beneath the Planet of the Apes is a decent, if not somewhat clumsy, follow up to a classic picture. Featuring a set of distinct strengths and weaknesses, the film never meshes into a fast-paced, coherent picture, instead at times playing as an all-too-familiar story while at others offering some far-fetched ideas with limited appeal and significance. Still, the movie ends with a bang, and if nothing else, audiences will be eager to find out how the writers concocted three more sequels after the ending presented here.

Michael M (gb) wrote: This is from the same director who did Looper and who's doing Star Wars E8 so I figured it was worth a look. Pretty solid stuff and an interesting concept. The dialogue is crisp and a young JGL is stellar.

Ben V (de) wrote: Very dark and moody, scary in places, a bit full on, difficult to watch at times, but if you give it a chance, well worth a watch, not brilliant but very not bad.