Muppet Treasure Island

Muppet Treasure Island

The Muppets' twist on the classic tale.

The Muppets' twist on the classic tale. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Muppet Treasure Island torrent reviews

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Jeremy C (es) wrote: About Titanic's doomed sister ship. Totally inaccurate...

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victor l (jp) wrote: :fresh: A silent love story with an entertaining story and a decent script acording with the time the film was made. Rudolph Valentino did 2 characters: the sheik and the son of the sheik and both were well done, the villains were a little stupid and I consider them almost harmless. I didn't like the woman who played Yasmin.

LA L (ca) wrote: My personal favorite film by Mel Brooks -- a definite classic comedy.

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Bradley C (nl) wrote: I remembered watching this movie when I was young, after a discussion I had with my amazing co-host, Katie, about Agatha Christie books. I decided to see if I could find it on Amazon Prime and sure enough it was there. It's based off an Agatha Christie play, which in turn is based off a short story she wrote. This movie and the short story are some of my favorite works of Dame Christie. I wanted to watch it again to see if it held up to my memory. In short, it very much does.This was released in 1957 and is in that glorious black and white. I know some people might have issues with older movies like this but I hope they won't let that get in the way of watching this movie. It feels very much like watching a play, rather than the modern action thriller. There really isn't much in the way of cinematography or sharp camera angles, rather just a straight on viewing of the actors acting. This is where the movie shines, the actors made me feel and believe in their stories. I managed to get a feel for the depth of their history from just a few brief snatches of dialogues. This brings us to the writing. The characters and the plot move at an excellent pace, building suspense and intrigue. I couldn't help but stay focused watching the movie play out, even though I had seen it previously and remembered how it ended.I'll keep my review on this short for if I keep talking about it, I will end up speaking to parts of the movie I shouldn't. If you enjoy a good suspense tied with legal drama and a dash of mystery then you'll want to see this.Verdict: Recommended

Evan K (fr) wrote: The Bicycle Thief is not only a powerful cinematic representation of the struggles of working class Italians but also a compelling analysis of the relationship between father and son. The father of a family is typically the one to provide for a household but not in the case of the Bicycle Thief. Bruno, the son, is not in school. Instead, he has a job and must fend for himself. The real-world struggles Bruno is exposed to tarnish his innocence and force him into assuming the role of the breadwinner. Although the film depicts an adult-like Bruno, it is his true childish nature that ultimately saves his father from the harsh realities of his destructive behavior.From the beginning of the film, it is evident that Bruno takes on more responsibility than his father. In his first scene, Bruno is cleaning the bicycle, a task his father, Antonio, should be doing. When Antonio walks in, he says, "Hurry up, Bruno". Bruno modestly tells his father that it is difficult for him to clean the bicycle in the dark, implying that he has been up before sunrise working hard, which is unusual for a child his age. Immediately after this statement, Bruno walks over to the window and opens the shutters to let in the natural light. This enables him to finish his task and allows his father to get dressed. Furthermore, Bruno is the one who assumes responsibility for the baby. Antonio and Bruno are about to leave the room and go off to work, but Bruno suddenly stops and glances over at the restless infant squirming in bed. Like a responsible parent, he closes the shutters to make sure the baby can fall back asleep. Just as he cares for the bicycle and the baby, Bruno supports the family. Instead of going to school, Bruno works as a gasoline pump assistant. When Antonio's bike is stolen, he is ashamed to tell Bruno and acts childish by lying to Bruno about the whereabouts of the bicycle. Even worse, Antonio is now unable to work his job. Yet, Bruno still holds a steady job, and this helps to advance him further into the role of an adult, as he is now the provider for the family. As mentioned earlier, Bruno holds more care and responsibility for the bicycle than his father. This is stressed again in the scene when Baiocco, Meniconi, Bagonghi, Antonio, and Bruno are gathered together at the Piazza Vittorio to look for the stolen bicycle. When Antonio is asked what the make of the bicycle is, it is Bruno who quickly responds thereby illustrating, unlike his father, that he understands how vital this bicycle is to the family's survival. In addition to holding a job and caring for the bicycle and baby, Bruno protects his father. After Antonio and Bruno find the man who stole their bicycle, a ruckus breaks out. While the crowd is screaming at Antonio, Bruno runs to find the police to defend his father. At this point, Bruno's maturity is stronger than it is at any other point in the film. Because of this, he is effectively transitioned into an adult and has solidified his role of the father figure.While he has assumed the role of an adult throughout the film, the final scene reveals the true, childlike disposition of Bruno. After an angry crowd chases down Antonio after he steals a bicycle, he is hit, slapped, and scolded. Shortly after, Bruno identifies with his childish nature, runs to his father, and cries. The owner of the bicycle is about to send Antonio to the police station until he sees Bruno's heartbroken face and decides to let Antonio go. Unlike a stereotypical carefree childhood, the children of war-torn Italy had to take on adult responsibilities. In the Bicycle Thief, Bruno accepts the responsibility of a man providing financial and emotional support for his family. Caring for and protecting the family and its belongings, including a baby and a bicycle, Bruno functions as an adult; ironically, it is his true identity as a child that ultimately saves his father from facing punishment.

Megan B (kr) wrote: watched most of it before i stopped because i thought it was too wierd.

Allan C (au) wrote: "Shall we play a game?" Rewetting this film now, it's obvious to me now that this is an old school cold war thriller along the lines of "Seven Days in May" or "Fail-Safe" but with a modern high tech twist. And by modern, I mean 1980s high tech, which dial up modems and monochrome computer monitors. The antiquated technololgy is part of this film's charm, but even without that, the film stands on it's own. Matthew Broderick plays a bright underachiever who wants to hack into a computer game maker company to play their new unreleased games, but inadvertently breaks into NORAD Command Center to accidentally put the US on the brink of WWIII when he decides plays Global Thermonuclear War with his girlfriend, Ally Sheedy. One thing that I really like about this film is that it celebrates people who are smart, which is actually kind of a rarity among films starring teenager. How can you not love seeing Broderick do some old school phone hacking with two very antiquated items, a pay phone and a soda can pull-tab. The film is exciting, has a fast pace and an excellent cast, which includes Dabney Coleman, John Wood, James Tolkan, Maury Chaykin & Eddie Deezen ("Remember you told me to tell you when you were acting rudely and insensitively? Remember that? You're doing it right now."), Art LaFleur, Michael Madsen in a bit part and Barry Corbin as the NORAD commander who steals every single scene that he's in. There's a good computery score by Arthur B. Rubinstein, sharp photography by William A. Fraker and memorable sets by Angelo P. Graham, particularly the NORAD command center. Walon Green also reportedly did uncredited script doctoring on this film, though the writers of this film also went on to write the equally classic hacker film, "Sneakers", although that film was also worked on by the very smart Phil Alden Robinson. I consider this film very much a classic among cold war films and computer hacker films. A terrific film all around. Oh, and this film also contains the first cinematic use of the term "firewall."

JT K (mx) wrote: What starts off as a women-in-prison flick (and a gloriously tawdry one at that) turns into a kinda jumbled but still amusing rehash of The Defiant Ones. Throw in some Philippino Revolutionaries, Sid Haig, killer pimps, and the leads disguised as nuns and you have a pretty fun (if not actually good) flick.

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