Sheru (Shatrughan Sinha) and Vicky (Sunil Dutt) are two gangleaders. After a series of complications and mishaps both realize that they will be better off being friends and helping the poor...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Muqabla 1979 full movies, Muqabla torrents movie

Sheru (Shatrughan Sinha) and Vicky (Sunil Dutt) are two gangleaders. After a series of complications and mishaps both realize that they will be better off being friends and helping the poor... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Muqabla torrent reviews

Brittiany W (kr) wrote: this movie made me believe in the impossible. one minute they are going into the middle of the desert and its sunny, they change the angle and its raining hail the size of a computer mouse. then they change to another angle and its raining fire, while they go down the road. and this all happens in a matter of minutes. and its like this during the whole movie. plus the lady is a doctor, weather person who knows exactly what shes talking about, and she can fly a plain, all at the age of 30. man i wish i could grow up and have as many jobs as her.

Mohem N (jp) wrote: A good movie in its genre

Johanna K (nl) wrote: I've seen these kinds of movies a billion times or more.

Kevin M W (au) wrote: A fine cast cannot save this rumination on male menopause and apology, so inert, so bad, so lifeless, that the mere description repells. Who greenlighted this? What could the pitch have been? ("Let me make this or I'll tell ... !" comes to mind) The home shopping network has more appeal, or the Disney Channel.

Ben C (au) wrote: An unfortunate bad time, and a waste of 90 minutes,

Markus A (ca) wrote: I know not everyone's a fan of Metallica but most people might be able to at least appreciate this amazing documentary. Set during the band's most turbulent time it really shows who the members were as people and how the rought times affected them. Not only does this documentary intrigue me to no end but it's also incredibly compelling and makes me feel for these guys. Plus, I love Metallica, I think their music if (for the most part) phenomenal.

Paco B (mx) wrote: so weird movie, I would like to have that future in our livesbest scene: Samantha's blue eyes

Alan L (au) wrote: Pretty good, but just a tad short from expectations from the 1st one. For some reason it felt this one was filmed on a little lower budget, also the "coin guessing" scenes got abit repetitive, and Inspector Wong Fai was more stupid then funny. Good soundtrack from same composer as Shaolin Soccer, also great song by Ekin Cheng. All in all a strong sequel by Johnnie To.

Alanna Q (ag) wrote: Thomas Middleton gets well done here. Just remembered Christopher Eccleston from Dr. Who was one of the main characters. Great fun, I thought, and enjoyed Eddie and Derek very much.

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James W (ru) wrote: Enjoyed the acting in this one.

Bill M (ru) wrote: If you don't know Will Rogers and Stepin Fetchit, learn.

Vikki A (ru) wrote: This is an exceptional movie, even by today's standards.

Matt F (es) wrote: Very good movie. It's pretty crazy.

Chris S (it) wrote: Easily one of the top 5 silent films I've ever seen. The action in this movie ROCKS. Way better dogfights than Red Tails could ever offer. Speaking of which, the new sound design created for Paramounts restoration by Skywalker Sound (namely Ben Burtt) was spectacular. Some scenes felt a little overlong, but that's just a convention of the time... Or ours. Still, if you can find this film, watch it.