Murder 3

Murder 3

A hot-shot fashion and wildlife photographer Vikram gets into a relationship with Nisha. She moves in with him in his palatial house outside of the city. The old world house, made decades ago is as beautiful as it is scary. It holds many secrets which Nisha is soon to unearth; of the life of the man who made it and of Vikram, who is dealing with the mysterious disappearance of his former girlfriend Roshni

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:124 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Murder 3 2013 full movies, Murder 3 torrents movie

A hot-shot fashion and wildlife photographer Vikram gets into a relationship with Nisha. She moves in with him in his palatial house outside of the city. The old world house, made decades ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Murder 3 torrent reviews

Brad R (ru) wrote: In the spirit of full disclosure, Matt was a student of mine in college. So maybe 4 stars is partly influenced by that relationship. This movie might not have played well on the big screen, but I rented it and watched on TV and found it enjoyable. It was not boring and I cared about the characters -- important factors when it comes to my movie-watching. Keep up the good work, Matt!

Ryan H (nl) wrote: Heartwarming and emotional, Super 8 takes themes like family, friendship, young love, government cover-ups, and amateur film-making, and seamlessly injects them into a monster movie that feels like something from the '80s.

Richard S (ca) wrote: second half eclipsed by first insightful half.

Viviane M (ru) wrote: Not bad really, since it is shot in a documentary form more than a movie. Reflects a reality and a realistic story. I will not really say more, because it is something I have seen up close, I know what they are experiencing, for this has been part of my life.

Dan O (ca) wrote: Rom-coms such as these don't have to change the world, they just have to please you and make you happy.

Ravan Florentin P (ca) wrote: nothing smart about this movie

Alex C (jp) wrote: Yumiko Shaku > Godzilla. Nuff said.

Conrad T (ag) wrote: The Huskies were smart. Not the script writer, not the producer, not the director and certainly not Cuba.

glenn w (fr) wrote: love this movie can watch it many times in one day

James G (fr) wrote: good theme of film on low budget

Matthew B (ca) wrote: "Once a ninja, always a ninja".3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain is poorly acted, horribly edited and the villains are laughable and I'm not saying that in a good way.

Matt T (nl) wrote: A bit weird. Couldn't figure out if they were making a farce or a parody at time.

SV G (nl) wrote: Adam Rifkin wrote this at 19. His first film. Judd Nelson plays Marty who aside fromt the third arm that grows out of his back (yep) is a mild-mannered geeky garbage man who aspires to be a stand-up comic and his best-friend (and garbageman also) played by Bill Paxton is over-the-top and just right for this very strange (to say the least) movie. Rob Lowe, Wayne Newton, James Caan and Lara Flynn Boyle are all in the mix here. This is an art film. Rifkin says you can see it as one big metaphore or take it as it is. The colors and sets are all interesting, the story is pushed (right out of the first 20 minutes) to the max of what most people are willing to view..that's all I'm going to say.

Cindy R (de) wrote: A flat-out swell movie, with a customarily stellar Tom Hanks performance.

Robbie V (ca) wrote: A few chuckles here and there but pretty insipid.

Austin G (fr) wrote: I guess it's alright.... It's pretty strange and disgusting at times, but if ur in the mood for a stupid spoof, I guess it's alright, but the reason I'm giving it 3 instead of 2.5 is because even if it suffers from some stupid, insanely weird parts, there are also some hilarious rock solid jokes in there. 3/5 stars

Felix N (ca) wrote: Classic and boring. Someone opened a gate between life and dead and the ghost keep haunting them... .... end of story...The victim (family) shows no intelligent, no plan, no trust, no fight back, ...