Murder at 1600

Murder at 1600

A secretary is found dead in a White House bathroom during an international crisis, and Detective Harlan Regis is in charge of the investigation. Despite resistance from the Secret Service, Regis partners with agent Nina Chance. As political tensions rise, they learn that the crime could be part of an elaborate cover-up. Framed as traitors, the pair, plus Regis' partner, break into the White House in order to expose the true culprit.

A secretary is found dead in a White House bathroom during an international crisis, and Detective Harlan Regis is in charge of the investigation. The story of murder leads Regis to some dark political secrets and he has to defend the USA and the whole world from danger. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Murder at 1600 torrent reviews

David H (it) wrote: really. good for your film(TM)(TM) (C)O:-) ;-) :-) B-) :-D O:-)

David M (de) wrote: Brilliant from start to finish.

Elin G (ca) wrote: En smart, varm, snygg och finknslig svensk komedi som behandlar ett klurigt mne med respekt utan att knnas varken pklistrad eller falsk. Frgpaletten, den allmnna looken och de inklippta diagrammen funkar fantastiskt. Ovanligt trovrdiga karaktrer, trots att de ltt kunnat bli platta som en pannkaka. En miss i tonlge grs, ex-flickvnnen blir helt orimligt bitchig och filmen tappar trovrdighet p det, men annars ett riktigt lyckopiller till film.

Deanne T (es) wrote: Awesome movie!!! Loved seeing her and seeing things she did that we don't normally see. The music was beautiful too :)

Josh F (it) wrote: Weird and duplass-esque.

Taylor M (ca) wrote: "SHUT UP AND GET SOME CLOTHES ON", A werewolf raping a blonde, and, actually, a good story make this movie awesome. <33

Luke C (kr) wrote: Well, I liked the Soundtrack.

Jose Diego D (kr) wrote: Amazing movie with such a captivating cast. Various plot-twists may play with your mind, but Ill be worth it.

Mitchell B (fr) wrote: On a revisit I don't think this holds up as well as I remembered, mostly due to Mike Myers cloying smugness, but without a doubt Stuart MacKenzie is the best creation to ever spring forth from Myers' mind "Heed! Moove yer heed!"

cli o (gb) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Orlok W (it) wrote: A wonderful insight into the mind of Norman Bates--A decent manner to end the series!!

Chris W (es) wrote: Pretty good movie, Caine makes it worthwhile with another cool performance as Harry Palmer. Some overly confusing bits though.

Carlos M (jp) wrote: The narrative feels a bit long and could have certainly been shorter, but Crowe carries out this well-written, superbly-edited romance/character study with a lot of honesty and talent, relying on fantastic performances by Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Rene Zellweger.

Richard G (kr) wrote: Please. The reason this movie "could never be made in America" is that Americans were making better movies.

Lanky Man P (br) wrote: Dang that old lady is creepy.