Murder by Contract

Murder by Contract

Claude is a ruthless and efficient contract killer. His next target, a woman, is the most difficult.

Claude is a ruthless and efficient contract killer - until he finds his next target is a woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Murder by Contract torrent reviews

hannsen t (ca) wrote: Nude scenes, for adults only :D

Sergiox V (gb) wrote: Ah pues, linda compilacin, tanta como pa' que no tenga un jodido sentido

tyler b (jp) wrote: So 80s, so cheesy, and so awesome.

Sean G (es) wrote: Another 80's Cult Classic.

Nik M (br) wrote: Blending film noir with dystopian settings, Jean-Luc Godard utilizes unique sounds with repeated images to create a lulling, yet eccentric, analysis on several of Godard's often explored concepts.

Deric T (de) wrote: Saw this many years ago as a teen/young adult. I enjoyed it then and enjoyed seeing the end of it again this afternoon..

Alec B (ag) wrote: What's shocking isn't the violence, drug use, or how the characters suffer, it's how authentic all those things feel. I'm not sure I could ever bring myself to revisit this film, but I appreciate that something this raw exists.

Danielle P (ag) wrote: If it wasnt for the cool ass GTO in this one I probably wouldnt like it but not bad for a low budget film