Murder By Death

Murder By Death

Lionel Twain invites the world's five greatest detectives to a 'dinner and murder'. Included are a blind butler, a deaf-mute maid, screams, spinning rooms, secret passages, false identities and more plot turns and twists than are decently allowed.

Five most famous literary detective characters and their sidekicks have been invited to dinner. But when murder is on the menu, who will make it to dessert? While struggling for their lives, the vainglorious gumshoes continue to try to one-up one another. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Murder By Death torrent reviews

Andrew P (fr) wrote: I can see why this movie did so poorly at the boxoffice. It was a decent film for being PG but acting was really bad. Some of the camera work looked like a very low budget film.

Emmett B (us) wrote: Sweet and true story. If you have kids no worries that they will be upset or scared or sad. But the acting is so bad it felt like skit night at family camp only you don't know them so its not funny. It's the Plan 9 From Outer-space of our generation.

David L (ag) wrote: A film of two halves; one which begins with an intriguing build up of a college girl seemingly being stalked by an unknown man amidst a town with a recent spate of killings; the second which is a result of a huge midpoint twist which sees the innocent attempting to flea the presence of a very non-scary devil child who's parents need to feed his hunger with only the best female flesh around. This film almost made me cry given the poor u-turn it took having started off by giving us a good blend of suspense and storyline, just for it to throw away all credibility in its attempted twist! In it's efforts to include more horror and gore towards the latter stages, it actually became less scary, less realistic, and far less entertaining. I mean for a child to suddenly remove his hat and reveal two plastic triangles glued to his head and then be labelled as the devil is a joke. Also made me laugh when two characters; one who'd just had metal hooks rammed through her tendons; and another who'd been axed in the back, then managed to briskly flea the battle like they had no pain whatsoever. Had it not been for the decent first half of this film, I may have thought this was a spoof horror. Certainly memorable, but maybe one that's enjoyed more when intoxicated!

Lisa W (br) wrote: An inspiring story of kids learning to ballroom dance but of course the real story goes much deeper. I loved it and the kids!

Sonya S (au) wrote: This film is gripping. It held me until the very end.

Lauren S (ru) wrote: An okay flick. Didn't really do much for me.

Sara H (ru) wrote: Man, I can't stand the lead actor in this, Jeremy Davies! He shows no emotion!! Frick, I was getting so mad looking at him, the movie would've been so much better without him. I could only barely see past that, but this was a good and entertaining movie when I did.

Steve A (ru) wrote: Just an impossibly sexy film. Watch it in a double bill with Danger Diabolik and die happy. If only real life were this glorious

Laurel S (ru) wrote: Grant handsome as every!

Kate J (br) wrote: A nice comedy-drama that explores that sadly neglected topic: the after the happy ending part of an impulsive, romantic marriage. I look for stories like this; not cynical, marriage doesn't spell the death of love or gaiety, and there's still plenty of life to live. I enjoyed it a lot. I've seen a lot of complaints of mood whiplash in this film, but it seemed to progress naturally enough for me.