Murder by Numbers

Murder by Numbers

Tenacious homicide detective Cassie Mayweather and her still-green partner are working a murder case, attempting to profile two malevolently brilliant young men: cold, calculating killers whose dark secrets might explain their crimes.

The body of a young woman is found in a ditch in the woods of the small California coastal town of San Benito. The two gifted high school students who thought they had executed theĀ "perfect" murder must become engaged in an intellectual contest with a seasoned homicide detective. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon S (br) wrote: I couldn't believe how well shot this movie was. The last thing I expected to love about a Universal Soldier movie is the cinematography. Its just a shame that the movie itself plays like a brainless, hyper-violent affair with too much nasty violence and not enough genuine action or character development.

cli o (ag) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Daniel B (nl) wrote: Another one that should have been great but turned out crap

Simon C (gb) wrote: Grim and sleazy, with a warm heart and a fine performance from both sides of the camera for Peter Howitt. Hard work, but think what Hollywood would have done to it. British films are getting nastier, which can only be a good thing.

Stranger I (au) wrote: i wanna c it! coz michael jacksons in it!!

emily o (ag) wrote: i loved it and john light was so hot in it

Ben V (de) wrote: Even more dumb than the other ones

Mike D (es) wrote: Campy: "What is this montage we're watching?"Exactly.

Jeff G (gb) wrote: A must see for anyone interested in theatre, Shakespeare, the Method, or Pacino.

Jason C (nl) wrote: Watched this again today. A very good movie w/ an allstar cast of young faces who are all top notch actors.

Jason R (ru) wrote: Hey , I remember this film. I liked it way back when, but I wouldn't watch it again.

Zachary B (ca) wrote: A disappointing coming of age tale. I think it could have push the boundaries a little bit more. Too nostalgic, too lost in the romanticism of summer love.

jeremy w (gb) wrote: I must say this was a lot of fun to watch. It kept me interested the whole time. This is a Japanese Animation, Sci-fi, Thriller, It is split in three different stories that are unrelated. All are equally interesting. The first part is about a cleanup group placed in the future. In 2092 they fly around space clearing debris. While they are out there they get an S.O.S. and go to investigate. What they find that is a ship that is controlled by a rouge computer which is haunted by the ghost of the former owner. A rich and beautiful opera singer determined to survive forever. To me it seems like a mix between Event Horizon and Titan A.E. weird but cool. The second story is about a young biology lab worker who is a little under the weather. Within the lab they make everything from cold medicine and secret work for the government. He is told by a coworker to take a new pill which is thought to help him feel better. He mistakenly takes the wrong pill only to find out he took a classified bio-weapon and everything goes terribly wrong causing the government to do anything in their power to stop the mayhem. The third is about a young boy who wants to grow up and be a fierce killer and his family who work at the local weapons factory. They all live in a fortified modern city which is run solely for destruction of other city's all for their government's cause. Everyone works diligently to destroy any cities in radius with their gigantic cannons. This one reminded me of the cartoon sections of Pink Floyd The Wall. In a weird way it felt like the cartoon versions of Tales from the Crypt. Overall it was fun way to spend 110 minutes and if you are interested in animation films check this one out. 1 award

Vanessa W (gb) wrote: Auch wenn die Story an sich ein bisschen sehr schrg ist und teilweise nicht richtig durchdacht wirkt, haut die Besetzung mal wieder alles raus. Julie Benz, Alexander Skarsgrd, Fares Fares und alle anderen gehen perfekt in ihren Rollen auf und machen den Film sehenswert.

Reece L (gb) wrote: It's beautifully shot and Eva Green is as captivating as ever, but the film just doesn't generate enough conflict to become the schoolgirl melodrama it so desperately wants to be.