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Murder Collection V.1

Years after his controversial web series was shut down, a mysterious collector reemerges to showcase samples of the death clips that he has accumulated.

An anonymous web presenter offers up a collection of death themed segments presented in a shockumentary style a la Faces of Death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Rodrigo S (ru) wrote: Al terminar de verla dan ganas de irte a vivir a Japn en el acto.

David S (kr) wrote: que animal se vuelve la gente bajo la presion correcta!! aqui se narro lo acontecido en 2006 en la prision de Siegburg , donde 3 reos abusan de toda manera posible del desafortunado y 4 ocupante de la celda, aplicando un darwinismo torcido con brutalidad !sorprende o no, esta dirigida por Uwe Boll tambien, ya van 2 que no son malas! :)las actuaciones 2 2, sale Edward Furlong que no lo veia desde la de Pecker con John Waters!

HollyMaree S (mx) wrote: Loving to idea of the Loch Ness monster well being a killing monster but I think they could have don't the movie a bit better

Tim M (au) wrote: A magic amulet turns a firefighter into a superhero. Thai action flick complete with ass-kicking tranny. The effects aren't great, but there are a few good fights.

Nader S (ca) wrote: The funniest movie I've seen so far. 4 years after the release, we are still making jokes with this movie. It changed a generation!

Tony T (it) wrote: Very different from other Kurosawa films, but I am glad that the film makers stuck to the production notes left my the great Kurosawa during actual film production.

Shawn W (ru) wrote: Bronson plays a writer to tracks the murder of a Mormon family to a water company looking to buy land rights from relatives. Still solid effort from Golan-Globus production team as they moved beyond their peak.

Greg W (jp) wrote: a 'grand hotel' clone moved from hotel to a nightclub

Brandon M (fr) wrote: Not gonna of my favorite movies of all time...

Michael R (nl) wrote: Amazing movie, the violent visuals along with the amazing acting by Michael Fassbender makes this a Win Win. Not for the timid, but when you learn it's based off a true story it really makes you want to research about it.

Harry S (mx) wrote: I Didnt Really Know What To Expect From This Film. All The Flicking From The Past To The Future Was Annoying.

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